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New rule for the NFL!


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I have been saying this for about the last 4 years. I think the NFL should adapt this rule:


Any team (NO MATTER YOU PAST SUCCESS) should be fined and there needs to be an internal investigation on why this team has been failing for a stretch of 8 years. If your team is a combined .400 winning percentage for that period of time then this rule is enforced immediately after the season. Just because the Browns were 10-6 does not give them a pass on this rule. Again this is a stretch for 8 years.


Obviously this stems from my frustration with the Browns organization since they have been back in the league. I dont understand how we continue to be this bad year after year. Everyone knows the finer details on why we are so bad so save those replies back to this post.


This is the NFL not the MLB or the NBA were its extremely tough to compete with the Lakers, or Yankees for example because of salary caps or free agents rather play in a “big market.”


I know this rule will probably never become a reality because of legal issues but my g-d this is a joke.


According to this rule the Browns, Lions and Raiders will be fined and an internal team of investigators will be entering Berea and Oakland after the 2009 campaign. I think we all agree these teams are not trying to do whatever they can to put a consistent competitive product on the field or they don’t have that right personal to run a professional sports organization. Its time we hold these owners etc.. to mediocre football. The fans and these cities DEMAND IT!


The penalties are as follows:


Owner will fined 10 million dollars


The commissioner will give a warning and if the teams do not have a .550 winning percentage in the 5 years they will be forces to sell 50 percent of their team.


I have more rules but you get the gist…..


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