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So, the Ravens biggest weakness is CB?


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I'm reading that the Ravens don't blitz as much under new defensive coordinator Greg Mattison. They've converted to more of a 4-3 look?


Their corners are small, although Fabian Washington left the San Diego game with a concusion. Not sure who his replacement is. Is it time to 'throw it up' and let Braylon go get it like someone mentioned yesterday?


Is this game suited more toward Quinns skills? Just avoid Reed and dink-n-dunk-em-to-death.


We had hoped in years past that Jamal Lewis would have a red-ass for destroying his former team ... hasn't happened, and I expect nothing out of him on Sunday. The Ravens just don't allow anyone to have a big game on the ground against them.


Can we get Cribbs the rock out in the flat with only their dwarf CB's between him and the goal line? Can we get Cribbs to run-over Reed?


Field position is key here, minimize mistakes and I expect our defense with new looks to generate some turn-overs in our favor. Spread'em out with an attacking passing offense, and see if we can take some shots and mix up the pace inside with Lewis/Davis/Harrison.


Looking forward to this game, as it points heavily toward Quinn to do something.

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If we still do that, I'm gonna puke on my nice shiny HD TV....

Will you at least puke in HD so the picture quality is decent?


I agree with the original post. Cribbs is a monster and could easily run these CBs over. He needs the ball on Sunday for us to win.


Also, Quinn having a good Sunday against the Ravens D will prove a lot to me. Sure you can say we're gonna dink n dunk em to death (talk about a tongue twister), but the Patriots have shown that is an effective way to win football games. So we dndttd (dink n dunk them to death, I like that) and who knows? Maybe Quinn builds some confidence and he can come out firing the next week after beating a stout Ravens D. I look for our RB to do a lot catching the ball on Sunday.


My 8 keys to winning:

1. Limit turnovers (1 at the most or we lose)

2. Get pressure on Flacco and knock him down every chance we get

3. Start someone besides St. Clair at RT (or we lose)

4. Get Cribbs the ball via screens/WildDawg/reverses, not by passing it to him

5. No easy 50+ yard TD passes...this is a MUST. When this happens it demoralizes a defense and they tend to let up a bit after that.

6. Utilize our RB catching the ball outta the backfield as much as possible.

7. Win the Time of possession battle

8. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ON DEFENSE!! These Ravens are probably expecting a shitty browns defense, yet again. I think if we can knock them on their asses right out of the gate, we can keep them on their heals.



Just realized we had a spoiler feature on these boards....I will leave my prediction below:

The Browns win 20-17. Quinn throws for 1 TD 1 INT. Jamal rumbles one last time against his team for 1 TD. Dawson (who is a fuc.king BEAST, btw) kicks 2 long field goals with one being at the end of regulation. The second field goal bounces off the uprights 20 times before falling through

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This game is going to be worse that the Jon and Kate saga. It's going to be worse than shitting on your TV. Weak/small @ CB? LMAO. Are you serious? We just gave up 9 sacks in 2 games, so I don't care if Ralph Brown and Terry Cousins are back there. The front 7 is goin to eat this team up.


Mangini is a technician coach, not a rah rah coach. He will not have this team ready for this game. We're going to be completely exposed as the most dysfunctional franchise in 2009, which of course we are. Look at the team Rankings this week - we're above the Chiefs, Lions and Rams. I don't know why since at least they have played competitive games.


This game is going to piss of a lot of people here. And our patience with Quinn and Mangini will be very low. When we lose to Cincy it will be chaotic panic in here.


Get ready for rock bottom at warp speed, Mr Chekov.

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at least your a glass half full guy.....

Just not interested in drinking the kool aid this season. Every week I'm liking Mangini less and less. I don't like how his team plays, I don't like his halftime non-adjustments, and I don't like his choices of OC or DC. My feeling is he will never be able to hire good coaches, and this game is more about those coaches than the HC.


I'm turning sour on Mangini for a variety of other reasons. But first and foremost his team sucks bad.

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Guest TheJokersWILD
What's the deal with Davis's injury? I think he's still likely not to get a lot of carries.


Other than that I agree with you. Balt isn't going to let any team run on them. And we haven't been able to run on any one. So I'd hope we come out with a more agressive game plan. Even if agressive means Screens, WR screens to cribbs, and Quick slants to Edwards. I kept reading in the pre-season where Mangini said their offense would not have a single look and would game plan against the opponents weaknesses. Well it's time to put up or shut up. If we are still running two inside runs on 1st and 2nd down against the Ravens. I'll be disapointed.

I have been screaming about this forever! The way they call the plays, we might as well run one play and punt it back to them. I would call pass plays on first down more just to be more aggressive

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I expect a big game this sunday, St. Claire will get locked in the hotel room by his team while they take off to the stadium. Then it will be a good day.


or our HS coach OC will watch some tapes of Indy and add some new plays to his book.

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Cribbs is a monster and could easily run these CBs over. He needs the ball on Sunday for us to win.



Cribbs is NOT a monster... at least, not at WR. I've had the misfortune of watching film of his receptions and he just looks rigid and is making mistakes. He's not a natural WR and we have 2 polished 2nd round draft picks on the bench doing nothing.


For now, we need to keep him on ST where he shines.

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BEREA, Ohio (AP)—Cleveland Browns running back Jamal Lewis(notes) did not practice Wednesday because of a hamstring injury, leaving his status for Sunday’s game at Baltimore in question.


Lewis, who has rushed for 95 yards through two games, showed no signs of injury during a 27-6 loss on Sunday in Denver. He finished with 38 yards on 14 carries.


The Browns did not provide any specifics on Lewis’ injury, but listed him as “did not participate in practice” along with guards Rex Hadnot(notes) (knee) and Floyd Womack(notes) (ankle).


Lewis was listed as probable on the injury report with a neck injury last week after suffering a stinger in the season-opening loss to Minnesota.


The Browns (0-2) badly need Lewis this week. They’ll be facing Baltimore’s top-ranked run defense, which is yielding just 41 yards per game. If Lewis can’t go, rookie James Davis and Jerome Harrison(notes) are likely to share playing time.


Lewis, one of only 24 running backs in NFL history to top 10,000 yards, played for the Ravens from 2000-06 before signing with the Browns as a free agent.


LINK: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ap-b...p&type=lgns

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