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Interesting - Steelers 09 draft picks Hood, Urbik and Shipley


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The Steelers first round pick, Hood, DE, is third string, per their depth chart on yahoo.


Their pick Urbik, OG, in the third round, is a backup OG, and Shipley, the 7th rnd pick ?, a center,


is on the practice squad.


I don't know what that means, but here's a few guesses:


1. They all have to be on steriods for a year for before they can start... @@ LOL


2. Their systems are so complicated, rookies on their lines can never be smart enough to start the first year...


3. They have drafted so well, that they have tremendous depth, on the offensive and defensive lines for years, that

it is hard for a rookie to ever play much.


4. It takes time to teach rookies how to play dirty like Troy Pollybooboo...


5. Or, Steelers rookies have to become acclimated to the stink of 3 riblets stadium.


But seriously, Shipley on the practice squad? a center? when the Steelers needed a center? whatever.


I think the last couple of Browns drafts brought some classy players here. Next year, a bigtime rb, cb, rt...


We're on on track. There's just so many choices each year, and still some additions to make...

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Yes. Back in the day, Chuck Noll, and of course, Cowher, they drafted talented players who LOVED football.


The Browns have tended to draft flashy players in college, who look like stars on paper.


But injuries, lack of attitude, and not loving the game has taken it's toll on the Browns and other teams.


I am genuinely encouraged bigtime with Mangini and co.'s last draft, as well as the addition of Joe Thomas before.


Mangini's drafting of *smart*, excellent character, (that's his first requirement), very talented players, who LOVE


playing football... as a second requirement, is paying off now, and will pay off more so later.


Mangini even said, if they don't pass the first requirements above, he won't consider them.


I see a seriously different spark with these Browns because of it.

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Gotta look at the positions too. End, Guard and Center all need size. Maybe they are bulking these guys up before turning them loose? I am not familiar with any of them so I can't say for certain, but thats a top of my head guess based on the positions...


Edit: Hit NFL.com to check weights. They have the following listed FWIW, Hood at 300 for an end, Urbik 323 Guard and Shipley 298 Center. Shipley seems light, and I would like to see a bit more mass on a 3-4 DE, but Urbik should be fine.

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I like Cincy's chances vs PIT this Sunday.


They aren't the same team without Polamalu Lums


Oh, THAT is what he said?


Hmm. If he keeps that up, I'll take him off ignore... :blink:





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The reason they don't start rookies is because you really never should. They are a patient organization thats why when they let a 30 year old starter go in free agency they have another no-namer ready to take his place. That no-namer has been sitting for a couple of years learning and so is ready when his time comes.

In Cleveland, for some reason, we cannot wait to play an inexperienced bust of a draft pick. The fans and the organization run the team like it's a playstation game and that formula never works. We tend to put rookies and yong players in WAAAY before they are ready and end up ruining careers and seasons. It happens all the time here. That's why I love how Pittsburgh runs that team and that is why I hate them more everyday.

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First post ...


I'm not sure you can analyze any draft after 2 games. I feel there are two reasons that the Raven's and the Steelers are at the top of the division right now; hitting well on #1 draft picks over the last 7-8 years, and having good fortune in finding their franchise quarterbacks. There is no doubt that the last regime left the Browns in a hole--bad personnel decisions were made that will take a few years to dig out from.


Anyhow, take the Steelers. They have every #1 pick since 2003 still on their roster, and hit homeruns (Polamula, Roth, Miller, and Holmes) on four of those picks. The jury is still out on the picks from the last two years (Timmons, Mendenhall, and Hood). The Ravens hit well on their defensive #1s (Suggs, Reed, Ngata), and the main reason for their current prosperity is Joe Flacco. They really missed on Kyle Boller in 2004, and struggled until they found their franchise QB. If we can be honest, the Browns only homerun has been Joe Thomas. Mack will be a staple on the line, but again, you can't judge until a few years down the road. Braylon Edwards had one fanatastic year, but .... Winslow, Faine and Greene are gone. Wimbley is more than solid, but not quite in the same league as the Polamulu or Reed picks (in terms of sheer defensive impact). Sadly, it's beginning to look like Quinn Boller v2007. (The other killer was the injury to LCB).


Hindsight 20/20: it would have been better not to have Quinn on the roster; then maybe the trade downs wouldn't have happened. The way Sanchez is looking, who wouldn't want him right now. They couldn't have drafted him with the two quarterbacks on the roster this year. Next year is the time to take a chance on a QB prospect in round 1. The Jets, Falcons, Ravens and Steelers have had success, why not the Browns.



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