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Is it me, or does Jevan Snead look nothing like an NFL QB?


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It's not just you, mz the pussy.


I was disappointed with what I saw of Snead in the Memphis game, and he was twice as bad last night. So far this year, he's completed less than 50% of his passes. Poor footwork and accuracy are killing his game.


All the pre-season excitement about him has shifted to Jake Locker and, to a lesser extent, Jimmy Clausen.


Cincinnati's Tony Pike deserves some love as well: I heard a talking head on ESPN say that the Bearcats could go undefeated.

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Not to be antagonistic or anything, but if you're watching your team on ESPN, is there anything you would want to hear less from Erin Andrews than what she said at one point during the second half?: "After that last possession, Snead took a moment to pray and then went to talk with the rest of the offense."


I've gone on record numerous times about just how dumb I think it is to pray at or during a sporting event, but this is especially true when you're getting your clocks cleaned on national television. "Hey, Jevan, God's busy fixing the Middle East...you wanna talk to us about the hot routes?"



Also, not to put too fine a point on it, but has anyone else had the experience of hearing about Jevan Snead first, then being surprised when seeing him for the first time? Jevan Snead...just sounds like he'd be left-handed, for some reason.

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