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How Much Would Mangini Fine a Player for Farting?


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In the spirit of Mangini fines I thought I would share. Apparently Bears coach Lovie Smith fines his players $20 a fart in team meetings. Their worst offender is a player named Mark Anderson. From the article:


"Mark Anderson might be the worst farter ever," Adams writes. "He takes these protein shakes, so he smells like little babies do."


One has to wonder how much Mangini would charge for flatulence on team time. My guess is at least 20k. If you fart into into a stolen water bottle...god help your soul.


Here is the link to the article

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Every time I've taken my ball team on an extended road trip, such as three trips to the Cooperstown Dreamspark Tournament where the entire team is housed for a week in "barracks" in an Olympic Village type setting ... I lead them in farting. I'm undefeated, never been out-farted.


It helps that the place feeds us three square meals a day from a cafeteria. Not the worst food, but gassy.


I can fart on command ... but my shit don't stink.

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