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That One Could Be Seen a Mile Away


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I hate thinking of something Friday night, not posting it, and then seeing it come true on Saturday when it's pointless to point it out. Ah, what the heck, I'll point it out anyway.


Forget the spread; I would have picked South Florida to win outright over Free Shoes University. They're still a good team--even though it obviously will hurt them not to have their QB down the line. Also, if there's a team inconsistent enough to blow out an overrated BYU team and then come out flat against an opponent they should beat, it's FSU. Joe Paterno gets ripped when his teams lose to better opponents, in part because it doesn't look like he is more than a figurehead a lot of times. Bobby Bowden, on the other hand, seems to be a lot more involved with the play-by-play management of the team, and so it has to fall on him that his team underachieves and is so inconsistent.


Good game for SFU, terrible game for FSU. Looks like another mid-December bowl for the Seminoles.



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