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This Week in the AFC North


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If you listen not only to NFL pundits, but Browns fans themselves, you would assume not that the sky is falling ... but that it has already fallen and crushed Cleveland once again. The little polls trying to guess whether this team might be able to beat Detroit, KC or Oakland this year are darling.


In reality, this is a better Browns team talent-wise than the 07 team that won 10 games.


I'm told Brady Quinn is an upgrade at QB, and perhaps the jury is still out on that one. However, the Browns have fortified the offensive line, added much needed depth to the defensive line, brought in a cast of veteran 3-4 defenders, and drafted for need across the board. The perception that this team is on par with Kansas City and Detroit talent-wise is absurd ... the reason this team has been rolled two weeks in a row is poor coaching, poor gameplanning, lack of effort and poor quarterbacking. All things that can be quickly fixed.


Is this the week? Why not? The Ravens are overrated and giddy as hell after beating an 8-8 team last week. Their young QB is fodder for Mangini to exploit, their weapons are not scary, and their defense is not the old badass Ravens, it has holes, particularly if you run on them early and often.


I hope you didn't jump off a bridge this week (because you are dead and not reading this for one thing), because I have a very strong feeling that after this week's game you are going be thinking "Oh ... we're no that bad ... maybe Mangini know what he is doing."


He does. This week the players respond and play up to their ability ... which isn't really that bad.


Every year, everyone has all the answers after two weeks, and every year everyone is wrong. And the Browns are one of the teams everyone is wrong about. You'll see...


Cleveland at Baltimore 1PM

The Ravens are giving up 331 yards per game on defense. On offense they have run up numbers on two patsy defenses, but really don't have the weapons to barn burn every week. The Browns turn the corner this week with some early running success followed by some precision passing and a surprising pass rush which forces Joe Flacco into 2 or 3 big mistakes which spells out a shocking loss at home. Not only can it happen ... it will happen. BROWNS 27 RAVENS 20


Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 4:15PM

The Steelers had their asses handed to them last Sunday, as correctly predicted by the Great Zombini, and you can actually expect it be a regular occurrence. Their quarterback is painfully shy about taking a hit, their running game is putrid, and their defense without PolyHairFag is ... well, average. The Bungles will be geeked up for this game, and Carson Palmer is finally healthy and hitting on cylinders with the Bengals offense again this year, Bengals in a laugher. BUNGLES 37 STEELERS 16



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I think you mean "The Great Zomboni summons his crystal meth."

I gotta agree the great zomboni has been snorting something before both these predictions...hehehehe

The great zomboni has spoken and we shall see!

Thanks zombo! ;)


Rats 38

Brown Pants 3

AKA the Shit Stains...


Stoolers 23

Bungles 10

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