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OSU's Defense


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Pryor didn't have an outstanding game, obviously: not just in terms of numbers, but some throws were just puzzling. I really want this guy to get it. Time's on his side, I think: the dumb throws he makes aren't much worse than what I'd seen from Vince Young (at the time a senior) in our loss to them. So he has time to get it; however, the question isn't when, but, I think, if. Hopefully I'm asking the wrong question.


But that running game... lights out. The first few drives were amazing on the part of Herron and Saine. This is not a knock on the Offensive Line, but I think that these two need credit for what they've done. That was the most fiery running I think I've seen in quite a while. I don't know how much of that was good OSU offense or bad Illinois defense, but to think that our offense has a non-Pryor option is enheartening.


As for the defense... well, they shut them out. Rolle's INT was not on a good pass, but the INT itself and the return were, in conjunction, excellent and essentially set the tone for the game: You're going nowhere. 170 total yards? The defense played lights out. There was another INT later on that was nearly exclusively on Mr. Williams. Nevertheless, if our defense is like this for the entire year, I'm going to chalk that up as a 'team strength.'

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