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How good is Jimmy Clausen?

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Yeah I suppose you're right.


With that turf toe on his plant foot that Elliot had to overcome, and not having his #1 receiver (arguably the best in the country), not having his #1 tailback, sitting for most of the 2nd quarter, all of the 3rd quarter, and all but 3 series of the 4th quarter and potentially losing his rhythm then marching all the way down the field and throwing a TD on 4th down after an inc on 3rd.


Sold me. I'm calling my Congressman right now to see if we can somehow get him a medal. :rolleyes:



In all seriousness, Clausen & Rudolph will get the press today (see OP), but Golden Tate & Robert Hughes carried the Irish yesterday. Hell of a game from both of those guys. Weis better be spending his time at the intramural soccer fields this week to see if he can find a punter. Holy crow.

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