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Things I expect to see today as Browns win..


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1. Screen passes.


I want to see screen passes to the left, and I want to see Joe Thomas knock Regina Lewis on his rear, flat as a pancake.


2. A two back set, often. You won't run the ball too much on them, but Quinn needs at least a few secs to run a pass play.


3. Robeiski and Mo out there at the same time to get open quickly. and Furrey running quick slants, too.


4. The two back set will negate the blitz, and/or give Quinn an outlet, and give Edwards time to roar downfield for an occasional

bomb for TD.


5. If a pass called, and single back set, just put in our fullback on St. Claire's side, he'll kick butt.


6. Quinn rollouts, if St. Claire can get his blocking down. Trent Dilfer was saying the Browns must be more

creative on offense.


I think they must be more creative on helping St. Claire..


7. Now, dammit, I want to see Quinn pitch out to Cribbs on an end run from the slot, and Cribbs throws a pass

downfield to a wide open Edwards.


8. I want to see our new temp replacement at k make every field goal, and kick off great.


9. I want to see Mack make Ngata look all pouty, and take him out of his game.


10. I want to see the Browns kick the dirty stupid ugly dimwitted ratbirds' arse while Quinn has a GREAT GAME. BROWNS WIN. dammit.

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