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Worst Team Ever!?

Mayster Chief

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Let's recap what just happened. After 2.5 hours of pathetic football, I just witness DA throwing a pick into triple coverage and then on the very next play Derrick Mason catches a TD pass of 60 yards or so.


This years Browns are the worst team I think I've ever seen. They get bullied by every team they play, they have no QB, they have no pass rush, they can barely get a first down, they can't get off the field defensively on 3rd down. They haven't drafted well, they aren't creative on offense. They have no consistent running game. They throw too many ints. Their WRs can't get open.


I could go on and on.


What makes me more sick than anything else, is to know that the team that is absolutely killing them right now (Ravens) should be the team that I'm rooting for. I will never, NEVER, pull for another team the way I do the Browns, but this is riduculus.


How did the Falcons do it last year, how are the 49ers turning it around this year, even Detroit can put some points on the board.


Browns fans, including myself, are either the most loyal fans in the history of sports, or they're just a bunch of masochists. Maybe it's both.

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I don't think any of the current Ravens were Browns, but how many of the players that were on the Browns when they moved are even in the league? Watching the game today just becomes even harder when you think about what could have been. The old Browns weren't terrible when they left town, but since they've come back they haven't had anything to hang their hat on. They've made the playoffs once, but so have the Bengals.


I'm tired of starting over every three years. The Steelers just reload and the Ravens seem to have some since of direction. Shoot even the Bengals are showing some signs of life.


They seem to be taking 3 steps back and then 2 more steps back. I just want to have a since of hope. I don't have it.

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