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QB Sneak on 1st and 10


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As horrible as our QBs are, Dabawful certainly doesnt make it easier for either of them.



Chud was at least decent. Hell... I might even take Carthon over what we have now.



The one weakness of the Baltimore Defense is their passing D. Their run D is solid. And what do we do? We run the ball up the middle on 1st and 2nd downs... then throw tiny 3 yard passes! Genius! Ok, really that last part is also Quinn's fault (DA's long throws made that obvious) but regardless, Daboll's horrible play calls have not made it any easier for us to win. Just look at the playcalling at the end of the first half. We could have tried to march down the field. We had nothing to lose. But, backed up into our own endzone, we run up the middle repeatedly. Its like we gave up before halftime. Or maybe Daboll was just confused and thought that WE wre winning by 20, so he wanted to run the clock out


And I repeat: we made a QB sneak on 1st and 10.

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