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The Great ManginA Speaks + a blurb from DA

Mr. T

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5:09:31 pm Browns coach Eric Mangina when asked if he thinks any of his players quit: “No, and if at any point do I identify something like that, they won’t playing in the weeks to come.”


5:08:12 pm Browns coach Eric Mangina on his team’s pathetic offense: “Offensively, you have four turnovers, and they create a lot of points off of turnovers. You can’t do that against anybody.”



5:07:37 pm Browns coach Eric Mangina on his team’s biggest problem defensively: “There’s been multiple times where we’ve had opportunities to get off the field or turn a run, leave a run at a 10-yard run and it becomes a 40-yard run. It’s a skill set that we have to work on.”



5:06:58 pm Browns QB Derek Anderson on his future as the starter: “That’s up to Coach [Eric] Mangini. I’ll erase this from my memory and get back to work. I know that we’re 0-3, but we have good players in this locker room.”



From the worst gametime NFL coverage ever by a network Here

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Wow! My Edit!!! Who gives a shit anyways half the players dont they are only showing up for a paycheck.


$95 million dollars in salary and this is what Lerner is paying for? This is a real treat.


Dont get all feminime when someone makes fun of these dipshits!

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