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Stupid Mangini & team quotes after the game


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I don't know how many of you saw the post game press. F-ing unbelievable. Here are some of the highlights.




On why he made the idiotic decision to kick a field goal down 27-0, "We were looking to try to get it to a three-score game," Mangini explained. Are you F-ing kidding me? Yeah coach, down 3 TDs puts us right back in the ball game. That is some romeo crennel shit right there.


On the on DA coming in and sucking ass, "It is a difficult situation to go into," Mangini admitted, "but I'm looking to not turn the ball over." Yeah I am looking not to have to bash my head against a wall watching this team too but that just keeps happening.


On if the guys quit on him, Mangini responded "no, no," when asked if he felt anybody quit on him on Sunday. He added, "If at any point I do identify something like that, they won't be playing in the weeks to come." They may not have quit on him, but he failed his team.


On being considered an asshole, "I've dealt with a lot of football players over time, and I feel very comfortable with my ability to deal with people," Mangini said. "I think the important thing is to be able to teach and coach, and demand high expectations of the people that play for you. That's something I fundamentally believe in."


Derek Anderson


DA expressed a profound insight into the NFL scoring system saying, "I know there's no 30-point play," Oh, and DA also told the press that he didn't even know he was going in the F-ing game until the team was walking back out on the field after halftime! Way to give him some time to prepare ManRetard.


D'Qwell Jackson said it best, "It's over. That's the most positive thing I can say," That is exactly how we feel brother...

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This team has taken on the personality of its coach. Boring, bland, tight, unemotional and conservative.........................The Jets fans are kissing their spouses tonight, and thanking to whomever they pray too, that they got rid of Mangini.

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