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*** 2nd drive of the first qtr. 2nd and 5. screen play to Harrison for no gain. I rewound and hit slo-mo to make sure I didn't see things incorrectly.... BE and Furrey trotting on the field after the 2nd a 5 play. AT NO TIME SHOULD BOTH OF THEM BE OFF THE FIELD AT THE SAME TIME! That leaves Cribbs and .....?


*** Has anyone asked Mangini why we ran a qb sneak on first and ten... from like the 30?!?!?! WTF! :huh:


*** Shannon Sharpe, who witnessed the Broncos/Browns last week while he was in town to be honored by the Broncos.... said today, during the halftime show, "for all you people watching at home, the Browns are even worse in person." Nice.


*** Saw one guy get a somewhat decent hit on a receiver making a catch over the middle. Elam in the 4th qtr I think. Washington only had 5 catches for 66 yds but they all seemed to come at big moments. Man was left open in the middle way too much.


*** Instead of running on 1st and 10, and then passing for 4 yds on 2nd and 12, what if we tried a 4 yd pass play on 1st and ten? Then it's only 2nd and 6, or worst case scenario, 2nd and 10!


*** Today's "BIG MOMENT OF THE GAME".... the highlights of other games at halftime.


*** Player of the game - newest guy on the team.... Billy Cundiff. After a kickoff was called back for offsides, with a demoralized team facing another sprint downfield to cover a kickoff, Cundiff launched it 7 yds deep in the endzone from the 25, not the 30, where Denver decided to take a knee.


*** Biggest chuckle.... DA tripping over himself. That's up there! Right up there with Quinn fumbling the ball on a pump fake.


*** And now we're right back at square one; Who is our quarterback. The fact that we don't know is not the issue. This team, these players, don't know who their qb is.


*** I'm cringing at the thought of drafting Bradford. I haven't seen much of the kid, I have to admit, so I don't have anything specific to explain why I feel this way. maybe it's just this teams track record with qb's taken in the first round. Or are track record with players taken in the first round. Or maybe it's out track record in general.



(sigh)...... drink 'em if you got 'em.

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