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Should the Browns abolish the quarterback position?

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Going into Baltimore with the most anemic offense in the NFL, you knew the Browns were in danger of going 0-3 for the season. But even the most cynical Browns-watcher could not have expected the debacleization that occurred. Cleveland started with Brady Quinn(notes) throwing six completions in eight attempts for 34 yards (way to air it out!), no touchdowns and one interception. But with nothing going on, Eric Mangini decided to replace Quinn with Derek Anderson(notes), figuring it couldn't get any worse.




In one half of football. Anderson went 11-of-19 for 92 yards, no touchdowns, and THREE picks. He also took a sack in a rare Browns red zone play, when he ambled around, trying to avoid pressure, and fell down. Haloti Ngata(notes) thanked him for the free sack. Anderson was throwing pop flies into stacked coverage in a display of horribleness the likes of which you will rarely see. Baltimore destroyed Cleveland, 34-3. What are the Browns to do?


At this point, I think it's best to just put returner/receiver/former college quarterback Josh Cribbs behind center on every play. The Browns are at their most dynamic offensively with Cribbs in the shotgun, running their "Flash" package (their version of the WildDawg), and it isn't as if there's anyone qualified to throw Cribbs, or Braylon Edwards(notes), or anyone else, the ball. If the Browns hope to be competitive at all, they should scrap the traditional offense altogether and go option-read all the way. Or, they can alternate between two quarterback disasters in perpetuity, until the latest Belichick disciple is fired and they start this nightmare all over again.


Browns fans, you deserve better than this.

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