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Peter Kings MMQB - No Surprises


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"e. I can't believe how bad the Browns looked in Baltimore. As Olbermann said, "Tackling was optional.'' When I picked Cleveland to go 2-14 in SI before the season, my reasons were simple: The Browns don't have a quarterback, don't have an offensive weapon who scares a defensive coordinator, and don't have a defensive player (except maybe Shaun Rogers) who you have to gameplan around. Nothing's changed. What's sad is the Browns aren't in better shape for the future than they were as an expansion team in 1999.


f. Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, St. Louis, Oakland ... 32, 31, 30, 29, 28."



Lovely. Ranked lower than Oakland and St. Louis.

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The defense "may" be better but it hasn't shone through.


The regression this past week was complete by their sheer lack of ability to force a punt until the second half. No stops, no tackling, coverage breakdowns, etc. Had nothing to do with being gassed this week. Seriously.


They're bad right now. Really bad.

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I watched St. Louis, and I think they are better than us. Oakland? That's pretty close. They have a #1 overall bust, which is just really painful (and most people saw it coming).


My biggest miss was thinking we had a good defense. Yikes.


It might be a miss on D....but i don't think it is that bad.


Most of our defensive problems come after the half when the game is pretty much over..it's human nature to let up when you know you don't stand a chance.


If we get in a game where we have a chance to score and the game is more of a game, I expect to see the D stand a little stiffer....maybe I should say hope??


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