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Bucs make inquiry for Brady Quinn


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Dude, you at least have to post bs link, like this one:




The Dolphins Should Trade For Brady Quinn

by Chike Erokwu Contributor


Have you ever known two different people who you thought would be perfect for each other? The two parties involved made so much sense that you wonder why they didn't come together in the first place.


Such is the case with the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins.


A trade where the Browns send Quinn to the Dolphins would be a win-win scenario for all parties involved.


On one side, the Cleveland Browns are smack in the middle of another quarterback controversy.


Currently, the Browns have two young quarterbacks on the roster - neither of which they can fully support while the other remains with the team. Browns head coach Eric Mangini benched Quinn in Sunday's blowout loss to the Ravens - effectively shattering any trust either one can have for the other.


For all intents and purposes, Brady Quinn's time in Cleveland is over.


Furthermore, the Browns still have former Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson on the roster - who proved he could effectively orchestrate Brian Daboll's offense in limited action.


In Miami, the Dolphins received word today that Chad Pennington's 2009 season will likely come to an end .


Pennington's absence leaves Chad Henne to run the offense. Henne did little to impress last weekend against the Chargers - completing 10 of 19 passes for 92 yards. He threw one interception which was returned for a touchdown.


Coming off multiple shoulder surgeries, the 33-year-old Pennington cannot be relied upon to be the long-term answer in Miami.


Enter Brady Quinn.


Quinn's conservative approach to offensive football fits perfectly with what the Dolphins like to do. In their current run-heavy, WildDawg-based offense, the Miami Dolphins do not need a quarterback to throw for 300 yards on Sunday. They need a quarterback to manage the offense, avoid turnovers, hand the ball off to Ronnie or Ricky, and convert short distances on 3rd down.


Quinn would be perfect for that.


The Dolphins are loaded with talent at every position.


In addition to boasting the league's most potent rushing attack, the Dolphins have a solid offensive line, a capable defense, and talented wide receivers in Ted Ginn Jr. and Greg Camarillo .


They also have tight end Anthony Fasano - who should be more than a little familiar with Brady Quinn.


With Quinn at the helm, Fasano finished his college career with 92 receptions for 1,112 yards and eight touchdowns. He was the second most prolific receiving tight end in the school's history.


A potential trade of Brady Quinn to Miami would bring about the thrilling conclusion to a memorable 2007 Draft Day.


In 2007, the Cleveland Browns passed on Quinn with the 3rd overall pick of NFL Draft. Brady Quinn was rumored to fall no further than No. 9 - where the Miami Dolphins were projected to draft the Notre Dame standout. In a surprise move, the Dolphins passed on Quinn in favor of Cleveland native, Ted Ginn Jr.


The Browns would eventually strike a deal with Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys - acquiring the 22nd overall draft pick and the rights to draft Brady Quinn.


One more trade with Parcells would be the best case scenario for all parties involved.


If that happened, it really would be a match made in heaven.

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Hmmm.....a guy with less than 10 posts who registered 2 weeks ago brings us unverified "insider" news.......



Oh come on Inspecta....isn't it obvious?


The guy's nick is "qbguru," he hasn't spent much time on the board, and he's talking about Tampa Bay being interested in Quinn?


Put the pieces together....


The guy is obviously a pro personnel guy with Tampa who's a legacy from the QB-collecting regime of Gruden (who was high on Quinn.) His "insider" info is him.



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What do we get out of Quinn if hes traded??

3rd rounder? Bottom of the 2nd TOPS!!



You're funny!! We will have to include OUR 2nd or 3rd round pick if we trade Quinn................

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New info on this, the "source" is kellen winslow. He is barking in the TB brass' ear about trading for Quinn.

























I just made that up, but isn't that what we're doing ? :ph34r:

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New info on this, the "source" is kellen winslow. He is barking in the TB brass' ear about trading for Quinn.

























I just made that up, but isn't that what we're doing ? :ph34r:


I don't know....at least you are.


I agree....people who say they are in the know usually aren't, but that isn't always the case.


I wouldn't worry one way or the other, I doubt we trade him at this point even if true.




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