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Illegal Aliens Are People Too

Chicopee John

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As the thread about potentially extending health care benefits to illegal aliens is beling led down a path that will eventually paint all those who disagree with extending the benefits to illegals as racists.


Sound familiar??? Those who disagree with Obama's health care proposals are racists. Clearly, those who disagree with extending benefits to illegals are racists too.


For the record, my guess is that I interact with a dozen or so potential 'illegal alients' every work day. I greet them in the morning, ask them how they are doing and, for one guy from Columbia, talk about MLB.


They are good people and the go about their work in an orderly, efficient, and effective way. IF they are illegals, those are the types of illegals I vote for.


Getting back to the Jamacian woman who, literally, wiped my mother in law's asp for 6 years................


She is educated and happens to know way more about American (and International) events that I do. She reads a lot and watches TV news. She came here on a work VISA and the VISA expired before she was able to obtain US Citizenship. She decided to break the law and stay here because the standard of living is much better - even with her shitty job - and because she was upset that INS was so inept that they could not process her application in a reasonable amount of time.


We used to go back and forth in a good natured way. My wife has 4 siblings. Among the 6 of us, she found something 'negative' about them - she was asked to provide her 'picture' of each of us. When it came to me she said that I would go way out of my way to be politically incorrect but I would do anything for anybody.


I wish we could clean up the mess in Washington - be it INS, ICE, etc. The process of investigating applicants for green card status is antiquated and ineffective. (Another Government-run activity).


My problem with the defeated 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' legislation was because it would have automatically made all illegal citizens US citizens OVERNIGHT! By anybody's account a good percentage of these folks are anything from two-bit criminals to convicted felons. To, knowingly, allow this to happen without due diligence would have been unaccaptable.


I support an orderly process of increasing the number of immigrants into the US, assuming they meet certain criteria - including a clean criminal record in their native country (assuming that can be verified). I also like the notion of having a 'Sponsor', like the old days. As I said in the other post, I would have gladly sponsored 'Beverly' for a fast track program that would hold me accountable for any inappropriate activities, etc.


Bottom line is that Illegal Immigrants are people too and, any efforts to blend disagreeing with providing health care to illegal aliens and / or not wanting to wave a broad and sweeping brush to immediately make folks citizens are politically motivated IMHO and couldn't be farther from the truth.


This issue DOES NOT blend itself.

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