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The sad legacy Obama left behind in Chicago


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You can follow this link and see the video -


it's very violent, and tragic.


There's no way Chicago should have the Olympics.





Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee

Help Police Find Derrion Albert's Killers

Updated: Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009, 12:28 PM CDT

Published : Saturday, 26 Sep 2009, 9:00 PM CDT


By Darlene Hill, FOX Chicago News

This is the hard lesson some students at Fenger High School have to deal

with after a day of learning. For them it's a hard lesson of reality on the streets.


Thursday after school, two rival gangs got into a fight three blocks from

the high school.


In all four students were beaten in that melee -- one was released from

the hospital Friday morning.


While police continue their investigation, some students say they don't

want to go back to Fenger next week.


Rival gang members have been fighting for a month -- and each time one

of their fellow classmates is injured.


No knives and no guns were used in Thursday's fight. Just fists, feet

and boards.


Derrion Albert, 16, was struck in the head by one of those boards.


Seconds later the honor student hit the pavement. That’s when witnesses,

who are other high school students, say gangbangers began stomping on

and punching Albert.


Derrion Albert's mom said witnesses told her he was "trying to help another

student and kind of got mixed in with the crowd of the fight and he was hit.”


A senior who witnessed the whole thing says the melee lasted less than five minutes.


The video shows students and workers from a nearby community center rescue the boy --

but many out there knew it was too late.


Surveillance videos are mounted on businesses in the Roseland area, but Chicago

Police say those don't show faces.


Police have a copy of this footage and it may help identify Albert's killers.


But while that investigation goes on, students say they will remember Derrion

Albert as a good kid. A quiet, smart kid with no gang affiliation. But just a

kid who may not have had enough street smarts to go another way.


If you can identify any of the people allegedly involved in the death of Derrion Albert,

please call Area Two of the Chicago Police Dept. That number is 312-747-8272.






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You can follow this link and see the video -


it's very violent, and tragic.


There's no way Chicago should have the Olympics.


LOL. Your posts are getting gayer and gayer. LA, New York, Cleveland, Boston, every city has gangs numb nuts. I know in your secluded little world you want to believe Obama left a legacy in Chicago that will somehow effect you, but trust me Cal, you're ok on the farm there. The gang members won't get ya.

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Obama is a great President compared to Bush. But he is way to conservative for me.



I thought being conservative was turning the dial to the right, this fool is ultra left.


Try Progressive left.


I suppose Obama if still in sickcago would try and represent thses killers, he would want to us the race card.

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That's not a fair accusation, Cal.


Just about ALL big cities have similar things occur.


Imagine if the Browns ever win the Super Bowl or the Indians win the WS? How many deaths and how much destruction and violence can be reasonably expected.


Whose fault is it? The State Representative for Cuyahoga County? The Governor?


Blaming Obama for this is like blaming............I don't know......can't even think of an example.

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Well, John, you are correct as usual...


It isn't fair at all, which, in a left handed way, points to what I meant.


But it highlights the profound, lofty notion that Obama is the great


diplomacy expert, problem solver, leader and raiser of the masses to great heights, etc etc.


Of course, there are gangs in Texas, and Bush used to be Gov of Texas.


etc etc.


That wasn't my point.


But Obama is portrayed as so incredibly eloquent, a super brilliant/intelligent fixer of everything,


a magic man with a magic super twanger-smile that


has the charisma to zap America into a far better, different place.


the way Shep and others painted him, and NOW with folks actually praying to him....


he is just another pandering and manipulative politician, who used the left to launch his political career.


But what he left behind in Chicago is nothing but just a big city like any other city.


Ergo, Obama is just another self-interested political slut politician.


My thread title was just sarcastic, iow, Obama was built up as one who would not ever, not possibly ever,


leave behind a regular great big city in such a mess.

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My quip about Paliin was simply that she is hardly one of the mainstream doesn't matter which one you vote for they


are just part of the machine politicians.


Iow, voting for someone who is not a run of the mill player in the Dem or Rep party.

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Yea because spending Trillions of dollars is conservative. I guess invading a country on bogus information is as well. There are no conservatives anymore. It's just a title.



Invading another country to keep the world supply of oil traded in US dollars is neither conservative nor liberal.

There are more classifications than those two.

And more reasons than WMDs.


We tend to define the two with socialism on one end and capitalism on the other.

It's a sliding scale boys.



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