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That good ole Sam

Mr. T

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Man I miss watching the 80's browns on extremely shitty quality VHS with my dad as a little tyke.


Sure was nice to point me down memory lane and remember when the browns were actually good/exciting.




Its such a shame we were once one of the great / proud franchises. Now the laughing stocks of the NFL, laugh at us.

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Cause he wasn't that good:

1978: 8-8. Who would ever forget those beatdowns by the Seahawks and Bengals at the end of the year

1979: 9-7. Playoffs were well within reach at 7-3, Sam led the team toward destruction and they missed the playoffs

1980: 11-5. Peak year of this core of talent, year he ended with stupid playcalling by Sam

1981: 5-11. Horrible

1982: Strikeyear, not worth mentioning

1983: 9-7. Another underachieving year blew the Central title against the Oilers

1984: 1-7. By this time, Sam was a joke. It took Marty to clean up his mess.


One thing you have to remember, is during the mid-late 70's, the Browns had been collecting talent topping it off with the Wizard/CM draft. The best Sam could do was underachieve in 79,80 and 83. By 84, none of the players would play for him because he was a joke.


Overromantized coach because of one team that had a tragic ending which Cleveland craves.


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why was Rutigliano ever fired anyway?


As with most coaches, the act got old.


It's pretty rare where a coach stays with the same team for 10-15 years.


It's rare in baseball, but it happens, and the right BB coach can usually hang for a while....football...not as usual.


Part of it I suppose is football coaches are usually a little older when they finally get their shot and with a 16 game schedule, things are compressed.


Take baseball as an example..it is a good bet almost all teams are going to win 60 and lose 60....42 games determine who is great, and who is average, and who is looking for a job.


The premium on winning every week is much greater in football.

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