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Abe Elams blog 9/29


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From the article:


"It’s been a tough start for us but there are still a lot of games to go. We have the talent on this team to win games and be successful, we just have to clean up some minor things and continue to improve. The margin for error is so slim in the NFL, with a few things done differently, we could have a better record."


Couple of issues with you here Elam


1. Ok, "clean up some minor things," really? No no, minor things are wishing you had 1 holding penalty back, or missing a block on a play or two. Not the complete inability to rush the passer, stop the run, defend the pass.


2. "a few things done differently, we could have a better record" A few? I'm fine with that if the few things include the ability to score touchdowns and the ability to stop the other team from doing just that? A better record? The Browns are lucky the NFL doesn't add a loss as a penalty for their displays on Sunday.


3. "margin for error is so slim" Well Elam, your margin of error this year has been 34-20, 27-6, 34-3. Yeah, didn't look that slim the past 3 Sundays.


I f'cking hate this talking points, not as bad as it looks, something to build on, bullshit. I would respect a player that came out and said, "We played like shit, didn't execute on a single aspect in the game and we will have a really hard time turning things around." :angry:

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