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Video: ESPN's Adam Schefter talking Browns


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It's not pretty, but it's true.


ESPN's Adam Schefter talking Browns


I totally have to agree! Brady hasn't done the growing he needs to do to become a starting quaterback. Unfortunate as it seems, if he doesn't start to open his eyes and look down field, he'll be a faint memory in the NFL. Even the best QB's get sacked for looking down field, but they are producers of the highlights later on for that great long ball pass that usually leads to a score.


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And from the article below the vid:




Worst Passer Rating Since '08


For Derek Anderson to provide a spark to a lifeless offense, he'll have to improve his passer rating along the way.


Rating (min.150 attempts)

Derek Anderson 62.6*

Matt Hasselbeck 64.1

Brady Quinn 64.9

Brian Griese 69.4

*30.9 in one game this season





Great. Just great. Pfffffffffffffffffffft.

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