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Rush Defense

WPB Dawg Fan

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Well...we heard all week long how the Jags were going to RUN ALL OVER the Browns defense. They were just going to hand it off to Jones-Drew and Taylor and mow us down into oblivion.


How exactly did that work out for you all Jags fans (and media)???


Here are the numbers:

Jones-Drew: 12 carries for 29 yds, long of 5 yds (2.4 y/c)

Taylor: 8 carries for 24 yds, long of 5 yds (3.0 y/c)


The only successful rush plays WEREN'T RUSH PLAYS!!! They had 7 broken plays in which Gerrard broke out of the pocket and picked up 59 yards.


So, all totaled, our RUSH defense actually only gave up 54 yds...(113 is what the stats sheet will give them credit for...and Jags average 116/g).


Our pass D had some issues...but limited the Jags to only 2 big plays all game. Not bad! icon_idea.gif

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I agree. I was really impressed with Garrard yesterday--he's the kind of QB who doesn't look to run first, and doesn't particularly look good when he's running, but he still manages to get twenty yards when he does run--but for the most part the run defense was beyond stout. Every time they needed a big stop, they got one. Why a team would try to run up the middle against the Browns when Rodgers is in the game is beyond me.


Someone in another thread said it best--as long as the offense can put together enough drives that the defense doesn't get gassed (witness the lack of turnovers and penalties yesterday), this unit can hold its own against just about any team.



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Guest Masters

WPD, as you said in you break down of the coming schedule a few weeks ago, JAXs line is questionable. CLE was able to keep a safety in the box and blitz a saftey (and in general more than I have seen from CLE ever under RAC). That helped shut down the run. That game won't get me on board with the rush D yet.

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