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Where is Robiskie?

Mr. T

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he hasnt learned the playbook fast enough.












I saw it written that it's because he can't contribute on special teams. None of the other receivers even play ST really so go figure.

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Second-round draft pick Brian Robiskie was made inactive by the Browns for the second game in a row.




This is an easy one, T.


HE SUCKS (?). We all talked ourselves into this dud because we were either 1) Buckeye Fans or 2) sucked in by his "NFL-ready" aura.


What a joke.


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Robo Talk: WR Brian Robiskie has been inactive the past two games and has yet to catch a regular season pass. Mangini says that he has been inactive because he’s not able to contribute on special teams.


“With rookies, they develop at different times,” Mangini said. “Right now, what he continues to do is carve out that role on special teams and on offense so he can be active on game day.”


Robiskie most likely never played special teams at Ohio State and the adjustment has been difficult.


“The best example I can give is Brad Smith, who came in as a quarterback, and over the course of time became a core player as a gunner,” Mangini said.


The difference is you usually don’t draft a guy in the second-round (36th overall) to be on special teams.


“I just go out and practice hard and improve every day,” Robiskie said. “You want to be playing because you love playing football, but the coaches make the decisions.”


Article Here


Another example that Mangenius may not have a clue on judging talent.

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