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Bengals at Browns Score Predictions

D Bone

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Last week "TheClevelandSound" was the runaway winner:


Ravens 35

Browns 3



This week:



Bengals 20

Browns 23



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Let's see... the number of Browns points has to be a multiple of three because they'll all come from FGs. Bengals win in a walk.


Another week in which we'll be reduced to cheering for:

a ) first downs

b ) passes thrown without an interception


I also predict that Browns fans will be surly after the game.


No miracles this weekend.



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Dawsons Back ?



Bengals 31

Browns 13


Dawson kicks 3

Cribbs returns one


If Dawson kicked 3 that would be 9 points and if Cribbs returns one, well that would be 6 (or 7 if Dawson made the extra point). 9 + 6 = 15 (16 +1 xtra pt)


This lesson in math has been brought to you by Anderception , spotting 6 points to the other team for 28 games!


Seriously though,


27 Bengals

14 Browns


Man I hope I'm wrong.

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