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beanpothockey.jpgLeague One:


The contest between Zombo and Insert Clever Name had an international flavor. eiffeltower.jpg It was the Battle of the Pierres. Zombo's Pierre Thomas scored 20 points, while ICN's Pierre Garcon served up only 14. Sadly for Zombo, that wasn't the end of the story. Insert Clever Name lost the Battle of the Berets but won the game over Zombo 78-74. Better luck next time, Monsieur Zombo!


A box of Krispy Kremes was on the line as Greenville Mayhem took on T's Jelly Donuts. If the Yahoo! guru was to be believed, Mayhem had it in the bag and could almost taste those lemon jellies. Brian Westbrook was benched at game time and Mayhem shrewdly substituted Larry Johnson who promptly scored zero points. The guru's crystal ball must've been broken and T's Jelly Donuts were the winner 69-43. Since it's a virtual league, virtual donuts will have to do at least until we see if there's an opportunity for a rematch.krispykreme.jpg


Calfox KosarDawgs did not sound optimistic at gametime, declaring "I hope we don't get embarrased by Flugels Cardiac Kids too badly...@@." Justin Forsett RB scored a zero for the KosarDawgs. Atlanta's Defense faced New Orleans and also came up with nada. Luckily Steve Smith and Eli Manning posted a pair of 17's. Flug's Cardiac Kids registered ONE point from Drew Brees. Final score: Calfox 56, Flug's 51. @@!


In other action:

Beanpot kicked The Usual Suspects 92-82 thanks to Maurice Jones-Drew (30).

Peyton Manning (29) lead Huskymania to victory over The Ballantyne Buckeyes 86-65.

AlwAysLOsing didn't lose, defeating Navdawg 97-70. ALO got help from Aaron Rodgers (25) and DeSean Jackson (21).

DTBH is lonely at the top after defeating Jumpin' Jack Flash 91-65. DTBH is the only undefeated team in Beanpot's League One.


Greenville Mayhem and The Usual Suspects are winless. "Being down here in the basement is more fun than a minkees.jpg barrel of minkees," Mayhem opined. "Come on down!"


Full 'o Beans League TWO:

dirtyhands_Full-1.jpg Dirty Hands managed to clean up thanks to Peyton Manning (29), Reggie Wayne (21) and Brent Celek (Phi-TE) (20). The final: Hands 125; Hammertime 59.


doubled.jpg The Double D's hit double digits again. This time it was double 9's as they grounded Lambdo's Airshow 99-96. The Airshow suffered a zip from Westbrook, who didn't play. A little juggling with the lineup might have brought home the bacon.


choo-choo-300x275.jpg ChooChoos plucked the Flying Turkeys, 96-78. The Turkeys are still looking for their first win of the season.


Bo and the Boz sent The Hammer packing for the bottom of the barrel 93-42. The Hammer's high scorer was Steve Slaton (10) the only player in double digits.


saddog.jpgIn the "that's just sad" department:

Justin Hermouf managed 36 points for the week including a GooseEgg.jpg from both Terrell Owens and Frank Gore. High scorer: kicker Steven Gostkowski (14).

Oreo, the resident feline, celebrated the 81-36 victory over Hermouf with tuna treats.


Also playing: Beanpot topped Bermeck's KYHicks 82-53.


This week's Viagra viagralightdown.png honors go to:

Dirty Hands. Somethin' about that jus' doesn't seem right!


Flugel's League THREE:


Waiting for Noodles 83 Kibbles & Vicks 67

(Lister's) Waiting for Noodles: Aaron Rodgers 25, Vincent Jackson 13

(Darovich's) Kibbles & Vicks: Maurice Jones-Drew 30 Brandon Marshall 15


Mr Rodgers proved once again it was "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" as Waiting for Noodles won an entertaining battle. Kibble and Vicks got some great efforts from Mo Jones-Drew and Brandon Marshall.


Runn Uu OVer 95 Flugelmaniacs 62

(John D's) Runn Uu OVer: Jay Cutler 20, Ravens Defense 17

Flugelmaniacs: Jets Defense 11, Andre Johnson 9


As you can see the fans were chanting "DEFENSE" in this one. Runn UuOVer looks like they had the better listening skills. They seemed to live up to their name in this one. Flugel indicated he was thinking of changing his team name to Moral Victories so he could feel like the 72 Dolphins led by Earl Moral.


Rice's Ryders 78 Team DangeRuss 44

(Jason's) Rice's Ryders: Eli Manning 15, Chargers Defense 15

(Riff's) DangeRuss: Steven Jackson 13, Adam Vinatieri 7


Rice's Ryders made this their Homecoming weekend and nobody was disappointed. Mrs. Manning was the Homecoming Princess while her hisband led the winning team with points scored. Team DangeRuss was really upset they weren't invited to the parade and it showed on the field. They got more TDs from their kicker than any starter not named Jackson. When asked for a post game interview - Coach Russ said he was late for his date.


Believeland 89 Koa Krew 57

(Thaak's) Believeland: Reggie Wayne 21, Mason Crosby 13

(Majid's) Koa Krew: DeSean Jackson 21, Larry Fitzgerald 12


Once upon a time there was another WR in Indy. Today, there is Reggie Wayne leading Indy and Believeland to victory with 21 points. Believeland remains undefeated in the quest for "happily ever after."


Charlie's Angels 68 Dot the I 27

(Ozzie's) Charlie's Angels: Anquan Boldin 17, Broncos Defense 16

(Mark's) Dot The I: Ronnie Brown 10, Titans Defense 7


Charlie's Angels played some great defense while Boldin caught everything but Poison Ivy. Furthermore, it appears Dot the I got their hands on the Cleveland Browns playbook. Perhaps even worse, they USED it.


Project Showtime 98 Calfox KosarDawgs 80

(Rudy's) Project Showtime: Jerricho Cotchery 21, Dallas Clark 17

(Cal's) KosarDawgs: Peyton Manning 29, Donald Driver 16


Project Showtime took their high scoring act and remained unbeaten behind outsanding days from Cotchery and Clark. As a result, they are in a 2-way tie with Believeland for first place. Calfox's KosarDawgs scored alot of points in this tough loss paced by Peyton Manning and Donald Driver with 29 and 16 points respectively.


Heidi's League FOUR:


My Helmet's 2Tight 55 Final

Timugen's Tool 92


Ballantyne Behemoths 83 Final

Brownies 69


Doctors of Gridiron 104 Final

WPBDawgFan 83


WV Hoopies 55 Final

Brown'sFanInDallas 45


FBrulz 74 Final

LCDawgfan13 60


BOHICA 69 Final

One Man Wolf Pac 66


Top Scorers:

My Helmet's 2Tight: Willis McGhee 14, Joseph Addai 13

Timugen's Tool: Aaron Rodgers 25, Julius Jones 17


Drew Brees wasn't exactly the QB darling this week in this match up. While helping NO win, he took a backseat to Timugen's Tool's Aaron Rodgers. And according to Toyota, This was the Fantasy Football Blowout with a points span of +37 points.


Ballantyne Behemoths:Maurice Jones-Drew 30, Vincent Jackson 13

Brownies: Jason Campbell 17, Matt Forte and Ryan Longwell both W/ 12


Like their namesake, the Brownies lost their 3rd game to Ballantyne Behemoths. Maybe they should change their name and try for some better karma? Keep going Brownies! Persistence will pay off.


Doctors of Gridiron: Anquan Boldin 17, Donald Driver 16

WPBDawgFan: Matt Schaub 22, Stephen Gostkowski 14


The "Doctors" of the Gridiron in this case must be Veterinarians because they neutered the WPBDawgFan in this match up this week. Like they say, it's not the size of the Dawg in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the Dawg, so let's hear some more barking next week WPBDDawgfan and make you're comeback.


WV Hoopies: Mason Crosby 13, Roy Williams & Antonio Gates 9

BrownsFanInDallas: Brett Farve 16, Chris Johnson & Nick Folk 7


With Terrell Owens falling short this week, it may have tipped the scales in WVHoopies favor this week.

This was the match up with the lowest score this week. Let's hope next week their players can bring a little more umph to the game.


FBrulz: Randy Moss 17, Ricky Williams 14

LCDawgfan13: Reggie Wayne 21, Hines Ward 9


FBrulz ruled this game this week. Going into Monday's game, Randy Moss' back put some questions out there but he managed to come through with a game high 10 catches for 116 yards.

And worth mentioning, even though LCDawgfan13 lost this mat up, his WR Reggie Wayne had a one handed touchdown catch against the Cardinals and kidded that he's had better catches in practice. FBrulz head coach is asking to see the film on that one.


BOHICA: Peyton Manning 29, Cedric Benson 12

One Man Wolf Pac: Fred Taylor 14, David Akers & Phillip Rivers 10


One Man Wolf Pac hunted down BOHICA like he was after a rabbit in the snow and showed his "Pac" mentality.

Peyton Manning did his best to help BOHICA with 4 TD passes against the Cardinals but Wolf Pac managed to squeeze past him in this mere 3 point diff. match up.



1. Timugen's Tool 3-0-0 1.000 284 W-3

2. Ballantyne Behemoths 3-0-0 1.000 276 W-3

3. FBrulz 3-0-0 1.000 245 W-3

4. My Helmet's 2Tight 2-1-0 .667 281 L-1

5. Doctors of Gridiron 2-1-0 .667 275 W-2

6. LCDawgfan13 1-2-0 .333 251 L-2

7. BOHICA 1-2-0 .333 213 W-1

8. WV Hoopies 1-2-0 .333 203 W-1

9. WPBDawgFan 1-2-0 .333 194 L-2

10. Brown'sFanInDallas 1-2-0 .333 184 L-1

11. One Man Wolf Pac 0-3-0 .000 227 L-3

12. Brownies 0-3-0 .000 172 L-3


Thanks to Heidi and Flugel who did a fantastic job of reporting on their respective leagues. Gratitude also goes to all who played as well as to our loyal readers.


Go Brownies!

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LOL, I LOVE these reports !



I'd like to personally thank Cal for a 2nd beatdown in 3 weeks. If I didn't know better - Calfox thinks I'm Philcox and that ain't good!


Thanks for another week of entertaining columns Kathy & Heidi!


- Tom F.

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I'd like to personally thank Cal for a 2nd beatdown in 3 weeks. If I didn't know better - Calfox thinks I'm Philcox and that ain't good!


Thanks for another week of entertaining columns Kathy & Heidi!


- Tom F.



What is going to really suck is that you are going to get beatdown by Derek & the Zombonos this week.



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What is going to really suck is that you are going to get beatdown by Derek and Zombonos this week.




LOL! Basterd! Who says that would suck? Let's just hope DA has learned that he needs to throw to his teammates this week. If you win - I'll be alot nicer to you this Christmas.

- Tom F.

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