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"The Chicago Way"


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The corruption of Chicago politics was even referenced in the old movie and play "Arsenic and Old Lace"


... and that's a whole bunch of years ago.


Valerie Jarrett. Slum lord and some kind of power player.


She is actually responsible for bringing Obama to Chicago.


She also got Machievlli Obama her $$$$$$$$$$ job at the hospital, where Ms. Obama

excelled at patient dumping.


Valerie Jarrett also arranged for Van Jones to get a job with the Obama admin.


She knew and worked with Mayor Daly. And Bill Ayer's father, in the funding


of the Daly and Obama campaigns.


There was this cop murderer.. oh, Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett want him out of jail.


And, guess who would make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from Olympic funding for


renovations, street repairs, money for new olympic buildings in place of the slums Valerie owns...


Take a guess, really.


So, the "Obama Mafia" really isn't acurrate. It's more like a mafia that Obama is the figurehead for.


Major stink all over the place.


Of course, the nominee ? to be the Safe Schools and Education Czar, is an admitted gay who was a teacher


who did nothing about a young student who admitted he was having an affair. You know, with a very much older man.


For two years, btw. And Obama's nominee did nothing.


But, well, I figured I'd write this in the early hours so it doesn't ruin anybody's dinner tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Obama takes HIS jets (two always go together), and Michelle took another jet... to go to try to get the Olypics


in Chicago.


Gosh, just one of those jets takes a million gallons of fuel to get there ... and spews out over a million tons of CO2.


Say, that's a lot. I guess nobody should drive this week, to "help Obama".


But, Obama couldn't care less about helping the troops, why, General McChrystal has talked to Obama just ONCE in 70 days.


Gee, too bad Obama's corrupt friends don't make money by sending reinforcements to Afghanistan, eh?


Seems to me, with all the stinkie-stink in Congress and the White House, that skunks were elected.


I think they need to be kicked out.

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Oh, and more stink -


the adoration of Pelosi, et all, for Fidel and Chavez... hmmm.


Meanwhile, Obama is angry that in Honduras, a would be Chavez who was working toward


becoming presidente' permante'.... was kicked out of the country.


Oooooo, that made Chav.. I mean Obama, very angry.


Selaya is Obama's hero, you see.


Would be pres for life, just like Obama's good friend, Chavez.


And the stink goes on....

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We never saw once, where Bush supported a Latin American tyrant to decided to be pres for life...


Obama supports all of them.


Big warning to us.


I heard that Selaya, after he was kiced out of the country,


they found the results of the referendum on him staying on


past his Honduras CONSTITUIONAL term limit.


It was a great victory for Selaya to go and stay pres per "the people's wishes"...


But... the referendum had never taken place.........

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