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Was it really THAT BAD?


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I was born in 76, so I wasn't around for the dominate Browns of yesteryear.

I was around for the shadow of the titans.

I loved Ozzie and Matthews, Byner and Mack, Slaughter and Kosar. They tried really hard, even though they never made the big one we were COMPETITIVE and I loved to watch the games.

I got my heart broken by the FUMBLE, the DRIVE, phantom field goals....

And then my team packed up and left.

I was shattered.

But when football season came around, my eyes opened.

I saw good games every Sunday, competitive games, even though I didn't have a team to call my own I learned to love football in a different way.


OSU made me love football in ways the Browns never did.

I got to banter with family in Florida, California and Tennessee over rankings and who's school was going to put out more pros that season.

I got to go through the week with joy in my heart because it wasn't being ripped from my chest by some brown and white impostors. I got to watch the cream of the NFL play Sundays without having a side to taint my enjoyment of the game.

Now is a different story.

Hell, OSU probably has more real pros playing for them right now that the Browns do.

Now I've had a decade of incompetence out of the Browns and I'm just tired of it.

I'm tired of hanging my head in shame being a Browns fan.

I'm tired of being depressed through the week because we were whipping boys again.

I'm tired of being asked to give this next chump "3 more seasons to rebuild" when we were never built in the first place!

I'm tired of buying merchandise and supporting a product that isn't anywhere near as good as mediocre at best.

I'm tired of being a joke instead of a rival.


Don't get me wrong, I've always loved my Browns but this is sickening. Seeing football THAT fundamentally bad in every aspect of the game every Sunday just destroys every once of enjoyment I get from the game.

I've getting more enjoyment seeing my nephew practice for flag football and watching his games come Saturday.


We in Ohio deserve better than this BS.

We, as a state, have lost our industry, our jobs, our homes.

We invented football, we revolutionized football, we love football above all else, we BLEED football and THIS is all we've got?

I'm starting to not care anymore and it scares me. I've loved football my entire life and Sundays no longer bring joy, just massive disappointment. Watching the Browns these past 10 seasons wasn't as painful as seeing my grandfather slowly rot away from heart disease, but it's been painful none the less. It's come close to killing my love for the game.


Sorry if I just went on and on and on but I needed to say it.





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