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The Future


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BQ might get more playing time, but yes, he's just like every other player on this team, if they could get out they would and will when they're opportunity comes.


Mangini is here with Lerner's blessings. He'll be here for a few.


Buckle up. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. This year is gonna suck. Just, plain flat out suck. There's no chance of a glimmer of light in this tunnel until next season.


I have erased ALL expectations for this year. I watch simply to shake my head when I see something like A QB SNEAK ON 1ST AND 10 FROM THE 30!!!!



AMAZING! I'm at the point where I don't really get upset. I just chuckle. Delirium. That's where I am. Hopefully next year we'll see progress and I can snap out of it. Til then, let 'em suck! Watching the ineptitude of this team has become my source of entertainment.


This is going to sound weird, and it feels odd to experience, but a part of me might actually be disappointed if we play well. It's like watching the Daytona 500 and not seeing a wreck. WTF?!?!?! I literally watch the Browns to witness the wheels falling off! Crazy! I know you're not going to get this, but the Browns games are actually kinda amusing to watch through the window of my asylum!!!! :blink:




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I think BQ is out of Cleveland Asap. And Edwards won't be back after seasons end.And as for a coaching Mangini I am firm believer that he won't go anywhere even if we go 0-16.


My biggest fear is that we sign Quinn to some kind of bonus money. It is a long season; most likely Anderson will go down with an injury and Quinn will received a few to a half-dozen+ more starts. Either his 70% snaps bonus kicks in or we are still waffling, listing excuses, and ink him to a new deal (see: Tim Couch) and prolong this baby for three more years.


That is the fear ... not anyone from this beaten team leaving.


Our best scenario would be for the NFL to give us a re-do and we re-hold an exspansion process again in 2012-13, go back out for ownership bids and have a real organization built over a 2-3 year period before taking the field.



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The future.....well I sadly gave up on an opportunity to go watch the Browns play the Bears in Chicago. I still may if we start to resemble a pro team, but I'm not too optimistic.


Anybody headed to KC on Dec 20th? The KC Backers put on a good party I hear, too bad it may be a 1-12 vs 2-11 battle :angry:

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