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"Sanchize" is Offensive Rookie of the Month


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Rhymes with "franchise."


Not being coy, but who did we actually get in this trade? Was it basically Elam, Coleman, Ratliff, Mack, and Veikune?


If so, somebody call the cops, because that's freaking highway robbery. Only Elam from that group has done anything to stand out. He's a pretty good safety.


The price for a franchise quarterback is way, WAY higher than that, though. And Sanchez "doesn't have any receivers." Yet suddenly he does. Because he's good.


(Just like every receiver Indy drafts, regardless of round, is good.)


If Anderson doesn't suddenly wake up with Sanchez's brain, I think we do what the Jets, Ravens, Lions, and Falcons did: Draft a serious franchise quarterback, whoever's best, and a new coaching staff. Call a Mulligan and get it right this time.


Oh, and start the kid from day one, like everybody else.

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