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Rapelisberger will host WWE's Monday Night Raw


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Ok, we have spent the past week piling on the browns, let's pick on Worthlessberger for awhile. A-la Pacman Jones, Big Gay Ben is throwing his hat in the ring to participate in fake wrestling after the game with the Chargers this week. Now I could make a joke about Ben wanting to mix it up with muscular, shirtless, and oiled up men who pretend to fight each other but really just roll around together, but I am a better person than that. Go get 'em big gay ben!




"Next week's special guest host for Monday Night Raw is no stranger to pressure situations and making snap decisions.


Just hours after leading the Pittsburgh Steelers against the San Diego Chargers, Big Gay Ben, quarterback of the defending NFL Super Bowl Champions, will guest host Monday Night Raw at Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., this Monday.


And he's not coming alone. Rapelisberger, the youngest Super Bowl winning quarterback in NFL history, will be bringing protection in the form of his Steelers' offensive line teammates to Wilkes-Barre."



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