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Way to be redundant asshat.


Why don't you tell us how we can hold the owner accountable. Like you guys did in Baltimore.


You didn't answer the question in the other thread, so why not here? Or are you gonna turn tail and run n' hide like last time?


Tell us what YOU DID specifically that held the Ravens ownership accountable to put a good team on the field.


I'm gonna keep hammering your thick noggin' with this until you decide to stop being a gutless prick and at least try and bullshit an answer....


I wanna why they aren't the Baltimore Colts?

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Sometimes you guys just don't see the forest through the trees....


Ever notice that REAL trolls WILL debate you, but the ones that AVOID taking you on - the ones popping in here lately - like Lums and this asshat are fakes?


You guys haven't noticed that yet? Debate a real Steelers troll and then one of these fakes ones and tell me you don't see the difference.



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i just want an answer in general...i dont care who its from lol


Yes they can if the go 109-54.


I don't really know what you want anyone to say. Who the hell knows. But i can tell you this........if they keep going 4-12 i don't think it will happen.

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