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Judging Rob Ryan  

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  1. 1. Is our defense is improving?

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Kam Wimbley is showing up all over the radars and we seem to be a lot more aggressive.... however we cant seem to get off the field in 3rd and longs....



I am pretty impressed with what we have currently on defense. With the offense starting to show life, I think it will only get better. Once more talent is infused, I see a nice defense coming along.

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Wimbley is more a blip, he was dead quiet in the Bengals game except for 1 sack, however, I can't blame his lack of consistant pressure on Ryan, considering what he has to work with. The Browns need a LB overhaul including DQ Jackson, who gets shoved around badly.


The DB's need more talent. Pool flat sucks. Way to much credit in the Bengals game for him. Palmer was horrid and should have beaten Pool several times if not for the badly thrown balls that Pool was late on(hit in the head early in the 2nd quarter). The rest are one dimensional players who probably shouldn't start.


The DL starters don't have a plus starter among them at the ends.


I would say Ryan gets a incomplete to at least year 3.

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Trent Edwards has been playing very well this year... I think our D might have trouble due to the fact that this is a new system and the Bills run the no huddle offense. We are gonna really be worn out.


We definitely need to take the reigns with our O



Trent Edwards?????? Dude he sucks ass.


Maybe you were watching a Colts game and thought that the QB looked very good. His name is P. Manning.


What worries me is their running game. They have F. Jackson and they just got back M.Lynch. We should have a hard time stopping their running attack. They will probably win the T.O.P battle and that is not good for us.

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Bottom line is that it is about talent and we a somewhat limited there.


I love how he game plans for each team and develops special personnel packages for each game. I like the aggressiveness of the unit. Infuse some talent at LB and DB and this guy will get it done.


Seems like the type of guy players will go to war with.

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