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Objective Quarter-Season Checkup


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Hi Browns Fans,


Just wanted to give you the big-picture view of your team at the 25% mark of the season.


Mangini: National talking heads to NFL insiders agree that he has mishandled several things (player discipline, QB's etc) though the FIRE MANGINI stuff is seen as equally ridiculous and the task ahead of him will involve a cull of the roster to get guys that can do things his way and buy in to his system.


QB's: Brady Quinn is seen as out of his league and it is pretty clear to NFL people that he is not ready to win games in this league right now. He looks lost and out of his depth (either unable or unwilling to make the necessary throws downfield) against complex NFL defenses and is, as I'm sure you all have pointed out, far too close to the vest to lead a team to victory against all but the weakest of NFL opponents. Mangini had no choice but to replace him because he can't in good conscience send the rest of the team out there knowing that if they fall behind he simply isn't capable of bringing them back. For example, had Quinn been the QB down 14-0 to Cincy it would have been ball-game thanks for coming. Anderson is TBD, but obviously a different QB than Quinn. He is seen a liability at times, but does give the Browns their only/best chance at competing offensively.


The rest of the O is seen as lacking talent which makes Braylon Edwards lack of production especially painful. The running game is patchwork and the O-Line is C-/D+ compared to the rest of the league.


Special Teams: Cribbs is an elite NFL return man and the rest of the special teams seem to be decent/above-average (thank you S. Rogers)


Defense: The defense has been a bend but don't break style that eventually broke a couple of times in the face of hopeless situations. Again, overall, compared to the NFL at large, this is an undertalented unit which can't afford to spend too much time on the field and would benefit from the offense developing a ground game to move the chains. The browns need a big play out of their defense sooner or later. A pick-six or fumble return. A 6 sack game. Something game-changing.


Overall, I feel your pain. Those first few games must have been utterly painful to watch and to lose like that to an in-state rival must just be a different, albeit more exciting kind of pain. I think Mangini needs to steal a big win over a pittsburgh or baltimore to keep from losing his team as he looks to revamp moving forward, but until the roster is upgraded more than 4 wins is being unrealistically optimistic. Again, NFL teams see you on their schedule and it is an assumed W.


I will end with the same question I asked in pre-season. All homerism aside, what do you see the final record for the 2009 Cleveland Browns being? Adjust your expectations accordingly! Assuming no big injuries, I see 3-13 with some gut-wrenching losses and exciting wins including one biggie where a team overlooks you)

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