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Moore V Hannity

Westside Steve

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Anybody see it?


Hannity really is a terrible interviewer.

I thought Moore get the better of him about 60% of the debate.


I think Medved would have eaten him alive.


But Moore is fairly up front about his opinions which SHOULD allow easy points to be made.

Hannity really fumbled the opening Chrisstianity gambit.



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saw part two tonight.


Moore dishes out moveon type platitudes,


and Hannity kicked his butt as much as possible,


with Moore's only defense being a Heckism:


"ha ha".


I loved the part where Hannity puts him on the spot


to donate a lot of his own money to the cause.


Hannity is a pretty good interviewer, I think.


He can interview me anytime, he's so fair and balanced.

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Dan, MMooer is just a pudgy, pouty opportunist capitalist making


$$$$$$$$$ off his anti-status quo, pro-left movies.


His movies are so incredibly biased to get leftist appeal for dollars,


he's a disgrace.


But, while Fox has MM on Hannity, most other media outlets


refused to allow Mark Levin on their stations, even though his excellent


book "Liberty and Tyranny" hit the top of the charts.

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sicko is not brilliant.


It is flat out one sided propaganda.


I have watched one of his "movies" -


Well, only about a third of it but we left


the brother-in-laws to come home to reality...


not any great work of fiction, just enough "truth"


to draw an anti-status quo sensalist point of view.


Let me know when anyone from this country goes to Cuba


for health care.


I agree with Hannity, Moore should put his millions to where his mouth is...


he wants the rich to pay about 70 percent/80 percent of their money to


distribute the wealth.


Meanwhile, he'll be the first guy to bail to some other country where he won't have to pay it.


He's sludge, an insincere liar who is like Obama in a way, he's profiting off pandering to the activist left.


And, he gets to laugh all the way to the bank.

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