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This weeks game vrs. Buffalo should be a huge benchmark for our new defense...


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Last year on MNF Marshawn Lynch made our D look like a bunch of bleeding vaginas. Last year we couldn't stop him for shit.


If you need a refresher, heres one:



I know its painful to watch, it truley is, given that many of the players on the field that day, will be on the field this Sunday.


If we can stop Lynch this time around we can consider our defense improved, if not, we may be screwed. But then again, Trent Edwards is much better this time around, and we have to account for T.O. but its about time we step up.


Put Veikune in and show us why he was drafted, do something to stop Lynch, and I will be a believer

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Tehy have played those games without their star runningback to set up the passing game EJ, Now that the Bruiser is back and ready to punish, I think they are going to be a very formidable opponent. Their strengths are also our weaknesses.


We have trouble getting set on D, and our defensive stamina is also awful. With Lynch coming in, we have something to worry about, ESPECIALLY since he mauled us last year, if he doesnt repeat the performance, then we have improved. They also have that no huddle offense that can quite possibly really wear us out.


We kept Trent Edwards under control and picked him 3 times last year, I dont know if we can do much better than that. But he is alot better this year, he had a bad game last week, last year afterhaving that bad game against us, he went on to throw for 283yds and 2 td's.


This is definitely a benchmark game

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