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It's Official! Iran Publicly Says it Fooled U.S.

Mr. T

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It's Official! Iran Publicly Says it Fooled U.S. and Europeans in Geneva, Offered Nothing: "And now it's official!


Iran's Supreme National Security Council has announced that the main "concession" it supposedly made in the Geneva meeting with the United States never happened.


It has no intention of sending off its enriched uranium to Russia to be turned into someting fit only for medical research at all. This supposed pledge made by Iran was the alleged big development that set off so much optimism after Iran met with the United States along with China, France, Germany, Russia, and England). No, says the Iranian government.


This is merely an old idea--Tehran offered the same plan back in 2007 and then, after using it to stall for months, rejected it-- which it has been planning to discuss on October 18 in yet another meeting with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Not only did it not offer anything new in Geneva, the Iranian government maintains it offered nothing at all."



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First it was Jimmy "the weak" Carter getting made a fool of by N. Korea...


now it's Barack "the sneak" Obama getting made a fool of by Iran..


as Obama's waffling on Afghanistan encourages the taliban and al-quaida


to step up their last ditch effort to get America to give up.


More Americans are dying in Afghanistan because of his pitiful lack


of presidential AMERICAN leadership.


All this president knows is support from the left, pandering ever so vaguely for votes, and manipulation and college learned radical idealogy.


Nothing American there, no leadership, no American values, no courage... just


completely failing to be what he maneuvered his whole life to get - power and prestige.


And now, it's falling apart on him. There are even Democrats in Congress who are appalled by


his rampant appointment of all these czars... many now, of who are not qualified to be anywhere near


a job with our gov. The latest is an ardent supporter of sex with young boys.


Say, you didn't see that on CNN, I'll bet.


Obama was profoundly far more unqualified for president than Jimmy Carter.


Those -his favorite anti everything socialist profs in college- could only take you so far, Obama.


Now you have to be genuine. And it isn't happening.


What a freaking disaster this admin is.

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