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Awesome article regarding Mangini trade of Braylon


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I've said it before and I'll say it again:


I like what Mangini's doing.


And anyone who has been in a position of leadership, especially in a team-building capacity, especially with young, talented people, should understand EXACTLY what he's doing.


You can't earn the respect of people who have no capacity for respect. You can only earn the respect of those to whom respect is actually a currency.


Edwards evidently did not believe in respect. He didn't know how to give it or earn it; it simply didn't matter to him.


It matters to Mangini. People like this columnist like to say that Mangini's fines and rules are "petty", as if fines and rules magically enforce themselves or work just by virtue of their existence.


They don't. Someone has to actually hold the line. Actually, someone has to SET the line, and then hold it. And Mangini's doing just that.


Eventually, by setting and holding the lines, and by getting other people that agree with the lines, players will start to just work within the lines and stop even thinking about them.


That's what Mangini is after: guys who care less about rules that crimp their style and more about playing and winning.


His system and his iron-fist will weed out the guys who don't care. What will remain will be better for having gone through the process.

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It would be worth a 2-14 record if the standardization of individual attitudes and behavior become of one goal of winning. It was what was needed after the fall of Butch Davis, but fatty Crennel was so far from that, it has made it even harder to install that type of discipline.


The benefits would find themselves in the 10's.

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"Edwards was a malcontent, and worse than that, he was an underperforming malcontent whose high salary cap number was accounting for precious cap space unworthy of his miniscule production and malingering work habits."


Think salary cap and remember that he was gone at the end of the season if they did not give Edwards a salary cap denting contract or a "franchise" salary. Add that Mangini salvaged some value right under the trading deadline -- this was a NO BRAINER.


Having this diva wannabe bitch on the team as an example to our young WRers was not unlike having Antonio Bryant around to embolden Edwards to, well, just be himself. Bryant actually produced more in his last year with us and got paid a lot less.


Maybe Edwards will have a career revival in NY (like Bryant has in Tampa Bay). But it takes a lot of ants to carry a cockroach. Mangini and Tannenbaum assembled lots of ants in NY. Kokiman is still working on assembling their army here. A few more draft picks and hard-working players can't hurt.


Maybe Stuckey can become Keenan McCardell and the Ohio Northern LBer can be the next London Fletcher. Probably not. But after a catchless game at least Stuckey will not be cruising middle schools looking for a fight.

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Thusfar mangini has done what i expected from him minus intentionally setting quinn up to fail but maybe he knows something we dont....and/or needed to see bq overcome adversity and he failed..mangini was slower and more methodical in the dismantling of this team than i expected but at the same time its been kind of painless process minus being 0-4 as we watch with our own eyes as the culprits tighten the rope on their own necks as mangini plays the gentle executioner...


We are just now starting to see the ground being excavated and the old blocks removed the new foundation is being poured a section at a time to make way for the new structure...;)

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Guest Masters
e had to set a baseline of expected behavior, and had to be a hard ass about sticking to it in the begining. But not only will players start to work within the rules. but once He is sure the players he has are buying into his system, you'll also see him relax on some of those rules.


Let's hope that is how it all plays out.

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