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Westlake Warriors Update


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Fluges encouraged me to post proud papa stuff: My son's Westlake Warriors broke into the Southland's Top 25 (all of the expanded L.A. area, including Orange, LA, Ventura, and many other counties) after going to 4-0 last week. We have a few kids already doing major college visits, especially Nelson Spruce, our WR and Jack's best friend who will have his pick of Divison 1 schools.


Jack is third on the team with 30 tackles, a sack, four passes defended, six tackles for loss, and one for a safety. He was defensive player of the game in week three with 12 tackles and that sack (and fumble recovery). As a junior, sometimes he starts and sometimes he rotates; they have about four defensive formations and four linebackers who are all good, including Jack. Two of them are senior co-captains, so they almost always go out for the first snap.


He's now 5'11" and about 190 and still growing, plays OLB but can play inside, too. He's starting tonight against Agoura (one guy has a tweaked back), so we're hoping for about 15 tackles and a sack. They used him last week as a pass rusher off the edge and he got the safety (on a reverse) and hassled the hell out of their Vince Young-esque QB.


The team is mostly sophomores and juniors... and they finally play Oaks Christian (Clausen, Marc Tyler, now Malcom Jones) next year. Should be an amazing rivalry because they're about 3/4 of a mile from each other. Both teams will be aiming at the whole shebang.


Jack probably needs to get to 6'0" and play over 200 or more to get D-1 notice, and it might be as a safety. He closes 10-15 yards freakishly fast. His coach says he might be the quickest linebacker he ever coached. His 40s are good for a junior -- in the 4.8 range -- and he'll easily get that down to 4.7. He's been invited to the Sparq Combine next summer.

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