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Is Obama really Jesus? An analysis video on the question


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that's cheap.


Here's my opinion:


Praying TO OBAMA is not the same as praying FOR BUSH.


Those holy rollers were praying FOR Bush TO the Holy Spirit.


The other video's were folks praying TO Obama.


Can you see the difference now, oh, denying one?


This fine substantive reply only took 4 seconds.


Stop filling legit fun threads with your change of subject shit. ROF,L ! :angry:

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I thought I was going to see a documentary type video showing segments of the population that might of taken their love of Obama a little too far.


Instead it's some right wing douchebag who thinks he's being cute cramming that video with as much of the basic right wing attacks as possible. Calling Newsweek a "snot rag" and taking a shot at the NY times.


Uhhhhh......I do feel stupid though, I saw who posted this, I should of known better.



Just so you aren't disappointed.



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I don't understand what the argument is here. Praying to either f*ck is sacrilegious.


I didn't think this one was offensive.




For and to makes the difference.


Here's one....





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