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VaporTrail's Bills vs Browns Musings


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That was pretty. Truly. I really hate this team sometimes. But xxxx it, we won.




Running Game:

Today, Jamal Lewis tip-toed, er... ran for 117 yards. And people are acting like this is a good thing. Why the HELL is he still playing? The only reason he ran so well is because our offense line is immensely better than Buffalo's defensive line. I'm sorry but I think JL just needs to sit back and give Jennings, Harrison, and Davis all the advice he possibly can. If we re-sign this guy, I will be furious. I don't think the game is this close if Harrison gets those carries. He hits the holes fast, doesn't tip-toe, and is about 20 mph faster than Lewis. Also, I like it when Cribbs is in the backfield, he turned what looked like a possible 5 yards into 31. Moar plz.


Our Line looked excellent, as well. Hopefully it wasn't just because Buffalo's D-line sucks.


Play Calling

xxxxing horrendous. After our first first down, I think we ran the same set of 3 plays 4 times in a row. Fake the reverse and run it up the gut (I think we ran this play a total of 12 times today). Run it again. Then a pass play on third and too many. I think we should throw on first more often. Also, I think it was during the second half, with Jamal Lewis in, they do motion before the snap, and run him right up the gut for 11 yards. Harrison gets subbed in next play, they run the same exact motion and the same exact play that gets stopped for no gain or a loss of yards. Really, if I can remember what play you're going to run watching the game on television, then you sure as hell know that the other team knows what is coming too. Daboll sucks, and our offense is going to continue to suck so long as he is calling the shots. Really, why the hell are we only putting Robiskie in on running plays. Either that or he's just invisible as he runs routes (which might be the case) If anyone noticed if he didn't get separation during routes or just didn't play on passing plays, let me know.


Final Thoughts

Jamal Lewis >_>p

James Harrison d<_<

Cribbs >_>b


Passing Game:

Anemic. Christ. First, Anderson played a god-awful game. A few short easy throws were completely uncatchable. The pick he threw was inexcusable, the receiver didn't even have a chance at it. Second, receivers get paid to catch the ball. What the eff!?!?!


Massaquoi: 3 Drops

Royal: 2 Drops (1 of them was huge. He sucks. Why, oh why is he starting over Heiden?)

Cribbs: 2 Drops (1 of these was huge as well. I think it was the play right before we recovered the punt)

Stuckey: 2 Drops

Furrey: 1 Drop


A few of these were because DA throws it at 100 mph, but certainly that's not an excuse for that many dropped balls. If the ball is hitting both of your hands, then catch it for chrissakes.


For everyone involved in the passing game... >____________________>p Big thumbs down. I don't think Anderson played as bad as his stats suggest, but Christ, it was still pretty bad. Those dropped balls need to be caught.



Looks like we're really starting to get the shit together. Rob Ryan, the Dude, appears to know what he's doing. Kam looked good, notched another sack, and had a few hurries (I think). Rogers and Rubin looked great on the nose, especially when they were pinned in their end zone. Coleman got a sack as well. Our pass rush did a very good job of rushing Captain Checkdown. The roughing the passer call that we had in the end zone was complete, utter bullshit. It was a clean hit, Edwards had barely released the ball when contact was initiated. Poppycock.


Edwards got a few good runs on us, but the playcalling adjusted to his running rather well, and stopped him from doing so in the second half. Still, I don't like Barton that much, he misses tackles and assignments far too often, also was it him that dropped a gift-wrapped interception from Edwards? DQJ played pretty well though, making an essential third down stop deep in their territory after Barton whiffed.


Our secondary did pretty well. TO got separation a few times, but was held to only 44 yards. We did get lucky on Wright getting burned by Lee Evans on a pass that was overthrown from their end zone. I still believe that B-Mac and Wright are some of the best corners in the league.


Final Thoughts

We held their offense to 3 points. Had two sacks. Kept their running backs from rushing 100 yards (99, but who's counting?). Rob Ryan looks like he belongs in the Big Lebowski or put a xxxxing horned helmet on him and I bet he'd totally be down for pillaging some coastal villages. Good shit, D. Keep your momentum going into next week and hit Roffleburger in the mouth.


Also, what the xxxx TO!!?!?! I hope you get fined. That move on Pool was absolute horseshit. You don't pull at a guy's helmet from behind and twist (that's what she said) while he's up in the air. You could have broken his xxxxing neck. Normally, I'm not excited when a player goes down (unless that player happens to be Roffleburger, Hines Ward, or Carson Palmer). I felt bad for Kawika today, but TO, if you get injured, which, I hope you do. I will sure as hell be cheering for whomever did it because of that xxxxed up move you pulled today.


Defense >_>b

Rob Ryan's Hair d^_^b

Buffalo's Offensive Line >_>b Thanks for the false starts!


Special Teams

Wow, did we kick ass here or what? Dave Zastudil. Hell yeah. This guy should go to the Pro Bowl with how well he's punted this entire year. Today, he was at his peak. We pinned them on the 1, what, 3 times? This were made even better when they'd false start and have to go half the distance to the goal from the one, not once, but twice. Cribbs didn't do so hot, almost costing us the game by dropping a punt and whatnot. Apparently he isn't infallible. Oh well. Wright did a good job recovering that one. Also, Costanzo, you were great on Seinfeld, but hot damn, you're awesome here. Before he recovered the fumble that won us the game, he was running his mouth and pointing and shit to the other team in every instance where they got a personal foul because of some stupid shit after the play. I'm really starting to like this guy. I can't wait to purchase a Costanza jersey. I really love the attitude that he's bringing. He's like a troll. Just pissing off the other team's special teams players to the point where they lose it, and then do something that costs their team 15 yards. Then, he basically wins us the game.


Special Teams gets a thumbs up. >_>b


Game Ball Award

Ah yes. Time for VaporTrail's coveted game ball award. Today, it goes to three guys on the special teams units. Dave Zastudil for the excellent punting, Ryan Pontbriand for being the unsung hero, and George Costanza for pissing off the other team and recovering the game-winning fumble.


Beat Pittsburgh.

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