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I know we haven't looked good yet...

WPB Dawg Fan

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@ Pittsburgh - The Steelers overall defense looks good, but they are 14th in pass defense, and are allowing a QBR against of 90.9 to date (compared to the 81.5 for the Browns). If our QB can get the ball out quickly...we may be able to move on them. As for their offense, the RUSHING game is ranked 21st (Browns are 16th)....so they can be stopped on the ground.


GB - GB's defense is OK, but they have only 5 sacks in 5 games. That should allow for our QB to sit back and take the time to make the plays necessary. Their rush defense isn't staggering either, ranked 20th. On offense the Packers have not committed to the run...and average less than 100 yds per game. With the Browns improved run defense, we may force Rodgers to do it all.


@ Chicago - The Bears defense is solid (12th) and has no real holes in it...but it isn't near the defenses we faced in weeks 1-3. They have a lot of sacks, so a quick release and lots of screens will probably be necessary to hold them off. The Chicago offense is VERY one dimensional, with only 91 yds/g rushing and seemingly no breakaway threat in that regard. Their WR corp isn't that good either...so despite Cutler, they can be held in check.


Baltimore - We all saw what they did to us last time, but since then they got handled by a Cinci club that we SHOULD have beaten. I am not Baltimore is as good as they started, as they have no pass defense (ranked 26th). If it weren't for INT's (4 of their 7 came against us) and sacks (I think more than half came on us as well) their pass defense would be even lower. With the improved play of the OL since that game...look for the Browns to exploit that. On offense, Baltimore looks good...but they did get shut down by Cinci and NE....so they book may have been written on how to stop them.


@ Detroit - The Lions got their first win in forever...but their pass defense continues to be one of the WORST in football (119.7 QBR against). Their rush defense isn't much better, giving up around 5 yards/c. The Browns should actually score in this one. The Lions offense is suffering through a rookie QB and a Culpepper. Enough said.


@ Cincinnati - The Browns should have beaten them the first time...and with the WR's getting time before this game...I think paybacks will be at hand. The Bengals have been lucky (3 of 4 wins by 3 pts) to date and are NOT a top team. They will be ripe for a letdown as we play them between Oakland and Detroit.


SD - The Chargers defense is not very good. They have only 6 sacks to date...and average giving up over 150 yards a game on the ground. They also only have 7 takeaways on the year. On offense, SD is DEAD LAST in rushing offense (who would have thought that). It is Kyle ORTON that you have to fear....but they have given up 10 sacks to date.


Pittsburgh - Go see game #1 info for this one....but keep in mind that Ben has been sacked 13 times already...and will be playing only 4 days before meeting us for this one. It takes time for bruises to heal.


@KC - The KC defense is atrocious. It just is. Only 2 INT's, 6 sacks, and ranked 29th vs the pass. Vs the run, they are giving up another 130+ per game. Offensively, their passing game is almost as bad as ours...but have given up 17 sacks to date. Their rushing offense is averaging 95 per game. Oh, and did you see their record???


Oakland - Passing defense, only KC is worse. Rushing defense, only the Browns are ranked worse...but that was all in the first 3 games for the Browns...Oakland continues to do it. However, COMBINED...they are by far the worst defense in the league. Offensively....do we need say more than JaMarcus Russel??? They have the WORST passing offense (yes, worse than the Browns) and average only 83 y/g on the ground. OUCH!!!


Jacksonville - Pass defense is ranked 30th in the league and has only 4 sacks. Rush defense is actually pretty decent...but not great. Pass offense has given up 12 sacks to date and is far from explosive. Rush offense is solid..but far from overwhelming.





I am not saying the Browns are going to tear up the league for the rest of the year...but look at these teams. Do any of them remind you of:


Minnesota (5-0)

Denver (5-0)

Baltimore (at the time 3-0, losses to Cinci and NE)

Cincinnati (4-1, only loss to Denver and we took to OT)


I am just saying, we have pretty much run the gauntlet of the tough part of our schedule...we now have a very young team that is set to grow...and a pretty favorable schedule to allow it to happen. Especially after the bye week...where the only 3 teams over .500 are Cincinnati/Baltimore/Pittsburgh.


I don't like the offense...YET...but given time for the WR's to grow and to gel with the QB (whomever it is), and with the OL already showing signs of gelling and the running game taking off the last 2 weeks....we may see a team to be proud of by the end of the year.

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I like the optimism, at very least!


Of course, it's probably easier to see the glass as half-full when you're able to go outside and enjoy the 75 degree and sunny days down there in Florida! :lol:

By the way....75 is COLD!!!

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WPB, I always say it but I love your posts, they make me feel good and I like feeling good.


There's a lot of sense in what you say and the last statements about who we have played and where they are says alot too. I think we win another four of these games coming up, starting with Shittsburgh this weekend, then Detroit, then KC and Oakland. The bonus win will be SD, coz I am in attendence and they better give me more than two freaking field goals like last year.


Keep it up, you are my side effects free happy pill of choice.



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