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Steelers Aaron Smith out until January


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Aaron Smith out with shoulder injury

Posted by Mike Florio on October 13, 2009 1:28 PM ET

Steelers defensive end Aaron Smith, one of the unsung heroes in the team's 3-4 defensive scheme, will be on the sidelines for a while.


According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Smith has a shoulder injury. Coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that it "potentially could be significant."


Smith will be replaced by a committee approach; Tomlin said that first-round draft pick Ziggy Hood isn't ready to take on the full-time duties.


An eleven-year veteran, Smith has been a fixture in the team's 3-4 approach since 2000.


This is some good news for our offense. Hopefully DA will have more time to set his feet and throw tight spirals to the other team instead of ducks.

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Right when they get Troy back their best dlinemen goes down. This is a huge loss for the Stoolers and may open the running game a bit for us.




Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on October 13, 2009 4:00 PM ET

Earlier Tuesday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin revealed that stalwart defensive end Aaron Smith's shoulder injury "potentially could be significant."


In NFL coachspeak, that translates to a three-month absence.


Jim Wexell of Scout.com reports that Smith will undergo surgery for a torn rotator cuff that will knock him out until January. Tomlin will have to decide whether he can afford to carry Smith on the roster that long, especially if injuries continue to pile up.


Smith's loss is sigificant. He's probably the most underrated defender on the team over the last decade, although the Steelers do have quality depth behind him.


First-round pick Ziggy Hood and Travis Kirschke should pick up snaps with Smith out.


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Holy shit, yinz got a real knuckle dragger on board.


... anyway


Where in this report does PFT cite a source? It's only their opinion from what I can gather - based on a coaches comment.


Not saying he'll be out a long time, but this kind of reporting lacks integrity.


Might be a good time to see what da Hood can do anyway. The stains will give him an opportunity to get a little real-time practice in.







... an'at






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by tomlins own admission, hood isn't ready. who's nick eason scaring again? ok....so maybe hapton is finally in good enough shape to get to the fridge without gasping, but you should really look at how shitty your D has been playing lately.

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No Troy Polamalu, no Aaron Smith, no repeat!!!!


PITTSBURGH (AP) - Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Aaron Smith will miss the rest of the season with a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, an injury that significantly weakens what was the NFL's best defense the last two seasons.


The Steelers placed Smith on the injured reserve list Wednesday, which means he cannot play again this season. He is scheduled to have surgery later this week.


To replace Smith on their 53-man roster, the Steelers re-signed Ra'Shon "Sunny" Harris, a sixth-round draft pick that they cut in September. Harris had been on the Carolina Panthers' practice squad.


Steelers coach Mike Tomlin plans to use several players to replace Smith, one of the NFL's top defenders against the run. Tomlin said first-round draft pick Ziggy Hood isn't ready to step into the job full time, and that Travis Kirschke and Nick Eason also will play.


Smith last missed playing time during the 2007 season, when a torn biceps kept him out of the Steelers' final three regular season games and a playoff loss to Jacksonville. The Steelers allowed 629 yards rushing in those four games without Smith.


The Steelers are fourth in the league in total defense and second against the run.



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You guys don't know jack about football.


Aaron Smith is a great D end for the 3-4, of that there is no question. He is the most underrated Steeler perhaps ever.


But at this point in his career, he plays half the Defensive snaps as it is. The Steelers rotate their D Lineman all game long. He is not a devasting pass rusher--although he is good. The Steelers pass rush is not generated from a 3-4 end in their system. It comes from the LBs and the blitzes.


He understands the system great, is phenomenal at stopping the run and is a major loss....but not for any of the reasons you guys believe.



On the other side, getting Troy back is huge. His being out impacted the D larger than expected. I wouldn't expect him to be at full strength. But the Steelers don't need him to be at full strength playing the Stains. The Steelers offense is going to put up such a large lead it won't matter.



And it will be loss #12 in a row.

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Dude, where in this thread do we sound "fired up".


We haven't been fired up about Browns football since the end of the Giants game last year....


I'll give you a pass though, because you stooler trolls are really working hard to get a rise out of us this year, and it's never been tougher for you (Credit to chuck for giving us his A game). In order to get a rise out of us we have to have a belief that we can beat you (a legit belief, not obligatory pomp pomp waiving), I don't think any rational browns fan harbors too much of that this week. But as they say...."That's why they play the games"


Maybe Xmas will come early, but more than likely we'll be treated to Lewis up the middle all day and Mangini looking like he's trying to pass a kidney stone the size of a walnut on the sidelines....


You are mostly a level headed browns fan. There are many here that are the RahRah type that I spoke of.


Have you ever noticed Billichicks face on the sideline? Looks like he is constipated so bad it hurts. Maybe Mangini is trying to imitate him. :lol:

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