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So ive always wondered if im the only one in this world that is as obsessive as I am about the Cleveland Browns. Let me tell you a little bit of what I do.


Every week in between games, I watch film. Not like clips. Full games. From this season, dating all the way back to 2003. I also watch historical Browns clips on Youtube. i read every blog about the Browns there is. I constantly analyze every political aspect of the Browns players and organization. I check ESPN, NFL.com, and the Cleveland Browns website hourly for news and updates. I check power rankings (i know right?) and I pick every game, every week. I also wear my Browns jerseys alot and I go to kent state so there are a ton of steelers fans here. I always make remarks to them. I talk alot of crap lol.


I yell when i watch browns games. I get extremely excited and passionate. I also literally get shaky and sick during bye weeks. My dream is to one day work for the Browns or coach for them somehow. I know every player on the active roster, numbers and all.


Im sure I could think of more oddities, and dont think of me as a weird dude, cuz im not. But i was wondering if anyone else is like this or could share some obsessive examples.



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I bitch about my wife always being on Farmville on facebook, and i spend a shit ton of time on here. Since I have became a member I am on here at least 1-2 hours a day, that's obsessive I think.

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