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Ravens ticket


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I posted this in the ticket forum, but not sure if people read it.


I have 1 for the game as my wife won't be going...that means you sit with me.


Sect 534...row 19....45 yard line.


Face is $70.


I will bring it and meet........is this group tailgating this game??

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Thought I would give an unashamed bump...


leaving tomorrow around noon, so if any interest, let me know by 11am tomorrow.....will spend the night in Cincy and arrive Cleveland around Noon Saturday .


If not...some barmaid will get it...and that could spell trouble. icon_e_wink.gif

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Guest 88fingerslewy

Last year for the Seahawks game I had a spare set of 3 for some friends that were coming with us. One guy bailed at the last minute (which he usually does-he's whipped). So to make a point about bailing, the night before the game I gave the ticket to a guy from our hotel. He was 3 twinkies shy of 400lbs.


That'll learn 'em.

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