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I wanted to rip mz the pussy a new sphincter this morning when I saw him getting disrespectul with Ballpeen in that one thread that closed. ALOT of unnecessary drama began when mz the pussy delivered his ultimatim of Lummy or me. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know clicks and email distrubutions were running rampant with political agendas that had ZERO to do with talking football. Zero. We NEVER had this problem before on THIS board. mz the pussy, since I know you are reading this how many of your buddies know how much plastic surgery you applied to where you once stood with Lummy as his biggest cheerleader and where you stood with him following an inventory of popular opinion? That's 100% political and 0% football. I'm glad Ballpeen recognized your bullshit because I'm really disappointed in you.


If all ANYONE ever wanted to do was talk football - Lummy would have never been so overwhelming or offensive. Sorry. All throughout that process, I kept hearing Moderators getting ripped. Just as an example, I know for a fact that we didn't have a moderator throughout the doldrums of offseason/summer that put in more hours than Riff. He even did this at work and seemingly all hours of the night. It's EASY to talk football during the months where scoreboards are lit and whistles are sounding on game day. It's when that stops is when you find people that are the heart and soul of your message board and it's management, if you will. I know some of the people we lost were caught in a crossfire and truely just wanted to talk football and nothing more.


I've NEVER agreed with yanking Loverboy from this board simply because he was here defending his hometown hero. IMO, that's completely different than being here to say: "Hey Tom V. look at this entire board full of idiots - the Browns suck and we've got a bunch of morons that don't hate them like we do." What if the man behind that phrase funded the new board?


We've always had the ignore feature which for some reason those that wanted to complain about Lummy refused to use. That said, I have AGREED with yanking his chain about his hometown hero. The interesting karma of it all is DA is the starter today and I no longer give a crap about what happens to Quinn. If DA wants to be the long term solution, he's getting several chances to prove a point. If that blows up in our face - he's at least shown many of his critics he was the lesser of 2 evils in 2009. Quinn was terrible unless you love 4 yard completions on 3rd and 8.


I don't DO popular and never have but I want to air the following things out:

1) Atenears was ALWAYS anything goes so if/when that changed - I'm guessing he felt he had a good reason to do so. I don't know like maybe that mz the pussy ultimatim that spearheaded all the drama and challenged others in email distributions to think the same way? All of sudden there was a problem and it superceeded football season. Never had to be this way mainly because it never was THIS way.


2) SHEP has been a VERY dedicated board member of this place that I'm REALLY pissed about losing. This shouldn't be a ho-hum so-what loss IMO. It's huge. Back to those doldrums of offseason where his dedication to our board brought us countless articles to read and posts to discuss when the board was hanging on by a thread (literally). I'm glad Zombo has pointed out in previous posts how much a guy like that has meant to our board regardless if you agree or disagree with which QB he likes. Shep has been with us since 1998 and not just casually. He's always had the highest post volume because THIS was his hobby. I'd REALLY like this guy back here. It's not an ultimatim - it's more of an understanding of how the heart beats when a large part of it's tissue dies.


3) There's also OTHER board members I'm really bummed about losing too. Not everybody reads my stuff and quite a few of those that did are gone so it's going to be an adjustment. One of those was Inspecta so I wish him well believe it or not. I refuse to name them all because it's too disrespectful if/when I forget people. I ask that we KEEP the doors open when Tom V. and his buddy power funnel them all back here. There are some REALLY good fans that just want a place to talk football that I hope we will let back in. People are going to find out what moderation means in terms of 24/7. Maybe there will be a new appreciation for those that volunteered their time to moderate for this place.


4) For those of you that stayed - THANKS! I enjoy shooting the breeze about our team more than you can ever fathom. It's a hobby that necessitates you!


5) Let's just get back to talking football and the previous anything goes mind set which attracted so many here in the first place.


Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


As you were,

- Tom F.

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Hopefully some of the fine, departed contributors will one day say, "There's no place like home" & come back. Let's just keep the light on for 'em as Tom Bodett would say.


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