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Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow remain winless in their new cities. And just for good measure - remember how many complaints we had about DA vrs Buffalo? Mark Sanchez threw 5 INTs to their defense, which doesn't win you a close game and never has. It almost made people forget that Thomas Jones ran for over 200 yards on them.


Point IS I'd rather have DA consistently hitting our receivers in the hands because that means we can't really complain about accuracy or backbreaking INTs. Just remember CRIBBS threw one of the INTs yesterday so I think DA is improving with that as he gets all the reps with the ones. I'm not saying I'm all warm and fuzzy but it's hard to pin an overwhelming majority of catchable passes on the guy staring down heated pass rushes. I saw a few occasions he was unable step into his throws yesterday. To be honest, Ben's passes when he couldn't step into them weren't any better. There was a couple of them early when olinemen were getting shoved back into the area he needed to step into his throws with and they fell incomplete. On 1 occasion, DA even got out of the pocket and slung the ball to a RB that gained some decent yardage.


I'd like to see us consider what's available on the FA market at WR for the remainder of 2009. I gotta believe someone like Marvin Harrison would come here vrs no interest in him elsewhere. We need an experienced #1 type and I think we'd see a similar MoMass that we saw vrs Cincy. Easier said than done? What do we have to lose for trying? I'd say bring back David Patten but we know he's never been a #1 WR. I DID see a couple good signs from Robiskie, who's showing me more on the offensive side than Furrey at this point.


RB seems like a no brainer. Harrison should get MOST of the carries with Jamal providing the relief. We just faced a FAST defense that reminded THIS version of Jamal Lewis is obsolete in this league. He takes way too long to reach the line of scrimmage these days and I've seen some potentially good holes closing in the process. Now if someone wants to tell me about Buffalo - Thomas Jones doubled that output for over 200 yards rushing on a day the Jets couldn't throw the forward pass.


It's almost weird how Mark Sanchez went from NY hero to "he sucks" the day Braylon arrived to be their #1 WR. Then again, I've got the 0-2 ever since to support such a thing vrs teams that were struggling. He's a rookie though...

- Tom F.

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I think DA made some good decisions under extreme pressure.


I remember a couple of plays he just tossed it OB and another on a blow-up screen just firing it to the dirt.


On his late pick, at that point he was just trying to make a play after getting flushed out of the pocket...that is just the way it goes sometimes when the game is winding down and you need to put more than a few points up.

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