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All quiet on trade deadline day


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All quiet on trade deadline day, as Cleveland Browns hold on to Cribbs, Quinn, Williams


By Tony Grossi

October 20, 2009, 5:46PM

UPDATED: 6:26 p.m.


BEREA, Ohio -- Depending on their perspective, Brady Quinn, Josh Cribbs, Corey Williams and other Browns rumored to be on the trading block either can breathe a sigh of relief or a sigh of regret.


The NFL trading deadline expired Tuesday with no action taken by the club.


That means Cribbs, whose efforts to secure a long-term contract extension have been stalemated by the Browns, will not be going anywhere this year.


"I'm not surprised at all," said agent J.R. Rickert, who spoke with the Browns Tuesday morning. "I had heard that several teams had reached out to the Browns and were told no.


"That's great news for Joshua. He wants to remain a member of the Browns' organization for the rest of his career. However, he also wants the proper consideration from the organization for the extension that he has rightfully earned."


Rickert said he will continue to hammer away for an extension, though it may not come until after the season.


"There's got to be a way to work this out," he said.


The trade expiration means that the Browns will not add to their stockpile of picks in the 2010 draft -- until the trade period reopens in February.


The Browns currently have their own picks in each of the seven rounds, plus:


• The Jets' third- and fifth-round picks from the Braylon Edwards trade. The pick improves to a second-rounder if Edwards catches 55 passes for the Jets.


• The Buccaneers' fifth-round pick from the Kellen Winslow trade. The Browns also received Tampa Bay's second-round pick in 2009, which they used on Mohamed Massaquoi.


• The Panthers' sixth-round pick from the Louis Leonard trade.


NFL still checking: The NFL is still investigating whether the Browns broke any rules and face any sanctions for the season-ending shoulder injury to rookie running back James Davis. ESPN.com has reported that Davis was hurt wearing no shoulder pads when a teammate later identified as Blake Costanzo hit him while wearing pads in a post-practice period.


NFL spokesman Greg Aiello responded in an email that the league's investigation "is ongoing."


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Damn, I was hoping we could get something for Williams. Glad to see Cribbs and Quinn staying....who knows, maybe Quinn will get another shot and show us something...just glad we didn't trade him when his trade value was practically zero


I'm thinking if he gets another chance, the majority of people on here will be eating Crow

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I'm thinking if he gets another chance, the majority of people on here will be eating Crow


I hope so too ... I personally can't shake the feeling though after his first three starts this saeson, I mean the ENTIRE team was horrible. We had nothing going for us. The O-line was thought of as the worst in the league, no way we'd crack 100-yrds rushing by either back, Play calling was 'holding him back', bitched and moaned about the #2 receiver when that was the best receiving corp we've had on the field all season. Just yuk.


Not that we are doing wholesale better across the board, but better.

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