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Positves from today.


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Gaines was a positive, we may have found a keeper


"I'm a football player," he said. "I've been doing this all my life, just making plays. That's what you want your players to do. I know Coach (Eric) Mangini expects that out of all of us. Even though, I'm a week old, nothing changes. You've got to make sure your teammates trust you."


Now we need to find about six more just like him and then have a good draft

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yup. thats the only thing. im taking the next two weekends off. no more brownies for me.. they might be losing a fan and big time supporter unless things start to change.. sorry guys, hate all you want. but im tiered of paying all the money i do for season tickets and seats, overpriced beverages and food to just have a pissed off car ride home with a bad stomach ache to look forward to..

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Guest 88fingerslewy

I've never laughed so hard at a Browns game than this past weekend. And, NO not for the obvious we suck reasons. A young couple right behind me got into it with each other. Here's a little background, he just wants to watch the game, she wants to know when they're leaving, it's half way through the 2nd qtr. There were no pauses in the exchange. The conversation went like this and I quote.


Her: when are we leaving?


Him:I don't know, not soon.


Her: this game's boring I want to go


Him: Look, just let me watch the game.


Her: I'm hungry


Him: Please, just 5 minutes without talking, I just want to watch the game.


Her: But its boring, why do you want watch a stupid boring game?




interlude, now everyone around us are grinning and watching and listening. Sunday afternoon, was pretty quiet in the stadium, this was actually entertaining. Ironically, the same reason we had all come to the stadium, you know....to be entertained. And we're back to the couple


Her: don't talk to me like that!


Him: OK, I'll stop, if you stop talking.


Her: What, now I'm not allowed to talk?!


brief set-up, a peanut bounces off my shoulder, I realize it's come from this guys mouth as he has a short choking fit....recovers....then turns to her....hear it comes.




now our whole section can't take it, we're not just giggling, we're bent over laughing and high fiving.


For a brief moment we had left this grand barn of deep sadness and had enjoyed a good laugh with our neighbors and strangers around us. Worst part was, I left for Cleveland saturday morning with a fever of 102 and made the 5 hr drive. After laughing so hard I kind of pooped a little. Ya not so good....that was my sunday

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That's a great story 88fingerslewy, and I had a similar encounter.


I'm at the Sports book in Vegas with a bunch of friends and were watching like four games at once on the big screen. This fairly healthy looking guy in a wheel chair pulls up against the wall and is watching too (Fairly healthy in that he really don't look like he needs to be in a wheel chair, but no one asked). Anyhow, this other guy (50-ish) comes along and sits on this small end table, blocking the wheel chair guys view. The wheel chair guy pulls up along side of him in the isle and asked him to move. The guys tells him, 'no'. So they start about a 5-10min long exchange of F'-U's, and I think the guy rammed him a few times with the wheel chair and the guy still sitting on the table took a couple swipes at the wheel chair guy with a rolled up betting form magazine. The arguement was also about the wheel chair guy using that end table to sit his ash tray. They go on and on and our group is listening in and laughing our asses off. Several times someone stated, 'this is more entertaining then the games' ... well, the guy on the table still wouldn't move, so the wheel chair guy positioned his still lit cigarette butt under the guys ass on the table, then rolled back and watched it burn the guys ass. The wheel chair guy never even glanced over at us where we were practically rolling on the floor laughing. He then strolled away and the guy felt his ass on fire and patted it out.


Ahhhh ... remember when the games were entertaining and the side shit use to be an unwanted distraction?

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